Microsoft is planning an official Xbox mobile gaming store

Microsoft is going all-in on mobile with plans for a new Xbox store. The details were revealed during the Activision Blizzard acquisition.

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SullysCigar232d ago

The details being exposed as a result of their embattled attempts to buy up the industry are causing Microsoft more harm than good, in my opinion. What a dreadful mess.

Tacoboto231d ago

N4G: "Buy up the industry"
Reality: *still in third place by revenue and still can't get COD on Game Pass $70 billion later*
Embracer: *laughs in Tolkien and purchases another 6 studios for fun*

Godmars290231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

So Embracer's putting out a console and making former multi platform titles exclusive to it?

While what they're doing isn't good for gaming, consolidating several studios and the IP that made their name, at least they - hopefully - wont be as agenda driven/inept as to refocus titles to service subscriptions, or even worse, dismantle/gut their original studios to eventually hand over a title to someone else. And that's if they don't let them rot.

The reality MS is hoping for (1): COD as exclusive pushes Xbox sales. Move console out of #3 spot.

The reality MS is hoping for (2): Sony Nintendo MUST deal with/will offer XBox in one form or another. Be it their titles on Gamepass or Gamepass on their consoles.

231d ago
porkChop231d ago

How does this news harm Microsoft in any way?

Godmars290231d ago

It shows how bad their industry position was before buying up popular IPs.

porkChop231d ago

A leak about a mobile gaming store shows how bad their industry position is?

XiNatsuDragnel232d ago

Microsoft is trying to dominate all spaces imo.

darthv72232d ago

this was already hinted at when King was part of the AB deal.

Wikkid666232d ago

It's going to be an all in one store front. Android and Xbox games all in one spot.

Tacoboto231d ago

Microsoft lags behind both Steam and Playstation in the mobile app space already because of their decision to bundle Remote Play in the same app as the Official Xbox app. Whatever that reasoning, it makes the Xbox ecosystem the most difficult to access off the platform. The mobile site is not a good experience either.

PS and Steam, with separate Remote Play / Link apps, allow full store navigation and purchases over their official mobile apps.

The Xbox app on Windows is disconnected and has issues with the Windows Store on their own operating system.

Merger/Activision/whatever discussion aside, Microsoft better improve that experience before introducing yet another application and further stretching their demonstrably subpar teams working on these things.

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