This Elder Scrolls Pixel Art Will Hit You In the Feels Like an Arrow to the Knee

Twinfinite: "Elder Scrolls fans! If you're feeling like you need a burst of nostalgia, we have just the image for you. Seriously, you'll thank us later."

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The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion's Shivering Isles Is One Of The Best DLCs In Gaming

Oblivion's Shivering Isles is arguably the best DLC for any RPG and is still enjoyable after more than 17 years.

Snookies1213d ago

I was just thinking about that a few weeks ago. How amazing Shivering Isles was... Felt like a whole new world.

TheNamelessOne13d ago

So few game get true expansions anymore.

Charlieboy33312d ago

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine is the best dlc for any rpg....not even arguably. It is the best.

DustMan12d ago

Agree that Blood and Wine is an exceptional DLC cut from the same quality cloth of the main game. Shivering Isles was that over a decade ago, and was truly a unique setting from the rest of the game. Possibly one of the last major old school "expansion" packs.

TheColbertinator12d ago

Terrific expansion. A starkly different locale with new plants, wildlife, towns, weapons, quests, Daedra variations including a remarkable madman deity presiding over that beautiful freak show.

Bethesda may never make anything that good again and that saddens me.


Virtuos Working On A Multiplatform UE5 Remake, Rumored To Be The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Virtuos is currently working on a multiplatform Unreal Engine 5 remake, which is rumored to be The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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BlackIceJoe84d ago

If this is true, I hope it leads to Morrowind getting remade next.

-Foxtrot84d ago

I thought they’d go for Morrowind first to be honest but this is a welcoming surprise to tide us over before ES6

TheColbertinator84d ago

Well said. Exactly my thoughts too.

Tedakin84d ago

Unreal Engine isn't efficient for open world games, so I question the reliability of this story.

isarai84d ago

Yeah, 1st thing that came to my mind too, although i CAN see it being likely for ease if use, but it's not going to run very well if so

Tacoboto84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

I'd wonder if it would just be exploiting Unreal for graphics but the underlying engine/logic is still the original framework.

Like how we had the graphical remakes of Halo Anniversary, Tomb Raider I-III, and Demon's Souls.

Could also end up a disaster like the GTA Trilogy

mkis00783d ago

I have heard that too but even if it's modified isnt arkham knight UE?

Fragslayer83d ago

"remake will run both an Unreal Engine 5 project and the old Oblivion project. For instance, new graphics are rendered in the Unreal Engine 5 project, but most of the gameplay and physics are still done on the original Oblivion engine"

So with this logic it'll run just fine using UE5 tool sets on top of Gamebryo's engine or maybe even Creation Engine, who knows.

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Ultra-MAGA84d ago

Hopefully modders can fix the aged combart in this game if this is true. Enemies leveling up with you broke and defeated the whole purpose of leveling up.

Fragslayer83d ago

Yeah it could use some tuning for sure hence the need for a Remake not a Remaster. I'm surprised it's even a conversation within them group which makes me skeptical it's Oblivion. I wouldn't say they shouldn't level up at all though maybe just a leave them a couple levels behind to appease the masses.

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Ranking Every Elder Scrolls Game From Worst to Best

Created by Bethesda Softworks, The Elder Scrolls is hailed as one of the most groundbreaking RPG franchises.

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babadivad167d ago

If they have Skyrim number one, list has lost all credibility.