Silent Hill 2 Remake and New Silent Hill Game Leaked Through Official YouTube Video

The official Silent Hill stream that will supposedly reveal new games in the series has a YouTube video that appears to have leaked the announcement in advance.

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SullysCigar164d ago

Weird there's no mention of xbox in the tags, only PlayStation and steam. I guess we'll wait for more on that.

I'm still thinking it's possible The Short Message could be a VR thing, which I'm fine with as long as they go all out on the Silent Hill: Ascension.

Just so glad to hear that it seems Blooper Team are only working on the remake, though, rather than the new games.

Profchaos164d ago

Tin foil hat time but what I believe is going on is these games were meant to be announced during a state of play that was scrapped recently as rumours go Sony has paused all state of play announcements until after the cma release it's stage 2 findings.

If that's the case then Konami may have had a promotional deal to showcase the game and videos prepped for that instead of changing them to reflect the inevitable multiplatform status the left it alone.

But also yes I hope we get vr also.

rlow1164d ago

Interesting point about the cma. If true, them withholding info on their own deals to put the screws to Xbox. Could boost Xbox’s claim of Sony’s market leading status and using that to leverage things to their favor.

Eonjay164d ago

Off topic but if something is revealed through official channels, it does count as a leak.

-Foxtrot164d ago

I just hope we get the original Silent Hill after this

Weird to start a new bunch of remakes with the second game but I guess with this one they can market the f*** out of Pyramid head.

SullysCigar163d ago

Okay, I've just seen there was no mention of xbox because Silent Hill 2 Remake is not on xbox.

PaleMoonDeath164d ago

By the gods, I hope Blooper team aren't touching Silent Hill 2, the other Silent Hill is supposed to be helmed by the OG SH developers so that's the one I wanna see!

This stream tonight, Resident Evil tomorrow, talk about a good Spooky October my dudes!!

SullysCigar164d ago

Lol I really hope so too, but according to this they're on the SH2 Remake. While that sucks, remakes play to their strengths. While they suck at stories, engaging gameplay and the like, they can at least create atmosphere, which is really all they need to do here.

In fairness, they did a good job with the DualSense features in Observer, so hopefully the controls will feel more up-to-date too.

I'd rather they weren't involved at all, to remove all risk of a dud, but on the plus side, they're not involved in any new SH games according to this information!

PaleMoonDeath164d ago

Maaan, I don't know how to feel about it, I doubt they'd care enough for the multiple endings depending on how you heal, treat Maria, etc! gameplay was never the focus for SH2, so they have that advantage I guess if true! make it beautifully grim.

What's weird is there's zero Xbox mention? you'd think they would want it on all platforms for profits sake, I wonder if Sony has a hand in any or all of these.. bizzare!

Ninver163d ago

Best treat for Halloween anyone can ask for.

aaronaton164d ago

Admins - Can you remove the Xbox Series X tag please? Thanks.

HardKnockKid24164d ago

Lol you’re lame AF asking for this. Like why?

SullysCigar163d ago

Silent Hill 2 Remake is not on Xbox.

SullysCigar163d ago

^ the disagrees don't change the fact that it's not on xbox, but go ahead and try disagreeing to this comment, in case it works THIS time! lmao

164d ago
Deathdeliverer164d ago

Because resident evil got it right the first time. Silent hill 2 is where Silent hill took off so to speak.

FPS_D3TH164d ago

It’s the strongest silent hill story imo

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