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Super Retroid: Silent Hill

While the town itself may have been blanketed in a thick fog, there is nothing foggy about the impression left by Silent Hill

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ihaten4glol3676d ago

I'm a huge SH fan. Brings back some fond memories...

AntoineDcoolette3676d ago

When I first played Silent Hill when I was 18 3 years ago even with its dated graphics it freaked me out. You're perpetually surrounded in darkness and fog, haunted by the soundtrack of hellishly grinding metal, gears, and metal drums, and the world around you has obviously gone to hell, rusting, deteriorating, and rotting; blood everywhere. Resident evil goes for cheap shocks and boos. Silent hill is a series that will straight pile drive your mind and sanity.

Chippydip3676d ago

i think i was 11 when silent hill first came out and i didn't get it until a year after but BOY do i remember how much fun i had just awkwardly swinging the steel pipe around and stomping dogs.

i mean, the game was terror-inducing as ALL hell but unless i was playing by myself (without the company of others) i was draining countless hours from the comical way things happened in SH. The bat swings, how he walks with a bat on (like he's holding an engorged version of his pen0r).

This game, while spooky, also provides a bit of comic relief to those willing to immaturely giggle at funny poses and dogs being eviscerated between foot and concrete.

poeo3676d ago

is the original somewhat rare nowadays? took a long time for me to find one at a decent price..

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