God of War Ragnarok Final File Size Is Over 118 GB On PS4

God of War Ragnarok is a massive game based on its file size. The game has received a day one patch already and the final size with the patch is over 100 GB.

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FallenAngel1984161d ago

Bruh 😳

Just for context the highest PS4 game sizes files are

1.) 175 GB: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
2.) 165 GB: Destiny 2
3.) 143GB: NBA 2K23
4.) 105 GB: Red Dead Redemption 2
5.) 102 GB: Final Fantasy XV. If you get the Multiplayer expansion, that’s another 52.11 GB.
6.) 101 GB: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
7.) 99 GB GT: Sport
8.) 95GB: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
9.) 95 GB: Middle Earth: Shadow of War
10.) 86 GB: The Elder Scrolls Online

At 118GB that puts God of War 5: Ragnorok at the 4th or 5th if you factor FFXV’s DLC biggest game size file on PS4

blackblades160d ago

Well good thing people are can easily get a large size tb hdd for the ps4.

Eonjay160d ago

How in the hell is NBA 2K23 so big and what the actual eff is up with modern warfare?

outsider1624160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Their compression sucks. I had to delete 5 games to accomodate MW...just so i could replay the campaign. Once done..i deleted again. Thank goodness for fast internet.

neutralgamer1992160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Hey there now all those casino like micro transactions take you space if you know what I mean

And let's not forget the year roster updates take up half the disk


badz149159d ago

don't know about NBA but if I'm not mistaken, CoD have always install all the add-ons and DLCs even if you don't buy them much like unlockables. once you decide to buy, they are instantly unlocked. maybe I'm wrong, I don't know

TheCaptainKuchiki160d ago

How does NBA 2K23 weigh that much??

rlow1160d ago

Still a Whopper of a game, but it will be worth every gigabyte.

Bobertt160d ago

More than 2x the size of the last one. Assuming they didn't cut corners with optimizing the game and this is supposedly the end of the Norse stuff then it should be due to it being much longer to finish the story properly.

myfathersbastard160d ago

And from what I’ve heard all 9 realms will be exploitable this time. So that’s more than double the 1st games areas.
Can’t wait. I litteraly took the whole week off to do nothing but play the hell out of this game.

CBaoth160d ago

There are no excuses Jim and co. You believe in generations? Show me you utilized the PS5. I expect the PS5 file size to be around the rumored 90.6GB.

Eonjay160d ago

It's gonna come down to how much they can compress those 4k textures in addition to how much space they can save by not having to duplicate data. Even with compression it's really a tall order given the asset size discrepancy. Especially given how big this game is supposed to be. If they get near 90 GBs that would be legitimate magic.

CBaoth159d ago

sorry to respond to an old reply amigo. I agree with your assessment but remember them touting around 23-27% gains in storage using a combination of oodle/kracken. Ok, let's see it. This is a first party IP, no excuses or constraints. Show me this is a ps5 game downgraded to run on old hardware and not brute forcing a ps4 game to look good on the 5

SullysCigar160d ago

Thought we already knew this, it's just the PS5 file size yet to be announced?

It was always going to be huge on PS4. It only has an HDD which means repeated assets for starters, but this is a VERY tall order for PS4 to run as it is, even despite the differences between PS4 and PS5 versions. Heck, the 2018 game had PS4 at breaking point!

At least this file size is justifiable given the scope of the game, not like the other biggest filed games. COD and NBA should be half the size they are, going by the game you get, but their optimisation is terrible.

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