The Callisto Protocol has 60 FPS mode

Studio confirms 60 FP performance mode.

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camel_toad152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

I'm very happy to hear this but it should honestly be a standard these days.

rlow1152d ago

I agree as long as they give people choice. But the fact that a majority of the Titles don’t support 60 frames with the new systems is kind of ridiculous at this point.

REDGUM152d ago

With what i've seen of this game so far, personally, I'd take a better graphics mode over performance. I totally understand those who prefer the higher frame rate but i'm abit more of a graphics whore myself :).

That said, I loved the 60fps performance mode in the re released Uncharted 4 so who knows which way I'll swing in the end.

MrVux000152d ago

I think i will do what i did with most games like God of War. Play the game first on ''Fidelity Mode'' and replay it on ''Performance Mode''.

GamingSinceForever152d ago

For me the loss in fidelity isn’t nearly as significant as the loss in feel between 60 and 30 fps.

moomoo319152d ago

Agreed. Horizon FW was dookie till they patched it lol

Neonridr152d ago

only bonus of having a PC as well. I don't have to choose, I can have both.

Ashunderfire86152d ago

True true but I’m a console gamer first. I like gameplay and innovation the most, not just performance and graphics.

Neonridr152d ago

@Ashunderfire8 - oh for sure, I love being able to sit on my sofa and enjoy the game on my 65" instead of playing at my desk, but it's nice having the freedom to choose I guess.

Shiore2u151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

@Ashunderfire86 Lmao. What innovation? What gameplay? Consoles are closed platforms. Developers and gamers are beholden to the narrow visionary hustler whims of soulless corporations. Everything that's become a standard trend (genres, software, hardware, etc.) has had it's start on PC because there's no arbitrary restrictions impeding individuals from being innovative or having fun.

MrVux000151d ago

If you chug out enough money, of-course. PC always had the advantage of flexibility (i.e. having more graphical options).

The consoles themselves are slowly but surely adopting that as well (having options to choose resolution / RT / performance / fidelity modes), and i would not be surprised if get even more options as we go further into the future of gaming.

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CobraKai151d ago

I’ll do 60fps if the only thing taking a hit is the resolution, and the rest of the graphics, effects, etc remain unchanged, but if there is a degradation in graphics, I’ll take the fidelity mode.

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Profchaos152d ago

Since getting a very TV (which I understand is a luxury for many) I kind of want to see more 40 fps modes that can take the higher graphics settings up to a high performance.

But in spite of that I really like having 60 fps options

Ashunderfire86152d ago

40 frames is really the sweet spot.

CaptainHenry916152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

I hope the PC version is optimized well and that we can play it in native 4K 60fps with Raytracing turned on.

Angyobangyo152d ago

Hey, Gotham Knights, are you taking notes?

SullysCigar152d ago

Plague Tale devs: "What wizardry is this"?!

MrVux000152d ago

To be fair, Plague Tale developers are a small team compared to Gotham Knight's one.

However, i do like to think they will include a 60 FPS mode with future patches.

SullysCigar152d ago

^ I hope so too. They must have made loads from the first game and they had that game as a starting point for the sequel, so I couldn't help being a bit disappointed.

Fingers crossed for a patch.

darkrider152d ago

They can't because there a machine holding back others. With a potato gpu and slowpoke memory ... They went with parity...

CantThinkOfAUsername152d ago

Different games. Different systems. Different features. Apples to oranges.

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