The Sims 5 "Project Rene" Currently Under Development, Alpha Footage & Screenshots Revealed

The Sims 5, codenamed "Project Rene," will be a cross-platform experience with multiplayer functionality, a first for the main series titles.

-Foxtrot222d ago

Looks cool but EA will find some way of screwing this up.

Inverno221d ago

They'll just release it bare bones AGAIN, and then release a ton of dlc for it AGAIN.

Abear21221d ago

Exactly! We know it will look and play great but no kids, pets, and limited effects and objects for base version—it’ll all be DLC.

XiNatsuDragnel221d ago

Looks amazing but it's EA why do I feel there are going to mess up.

excaliburps221d ago

LOL! Sad but true. Their track record recently has been very spotty. They need to nail Dead Space and work from there.

FPS_D3TH221d ago

What would be really cool is if i could play this with my wife and we can either choose to live in the same house hold or even just have it so we’re a part of eachothers neighborhood. Take notes from animal crossing.

MrVux000220d ago

Just a friendly reminder from Sims 4 ... if you wanted to buy all the content (that actually makes the game complete) it would rake you over 800$.

I sure as hell won't support that stunt with possible Sims 5 dlc.

SinisterKieran219d ago

I don’t like al the mobile stuff I saw.