Americas Sales for the Week Ending December 20, 2008

Huge week across the board. Nintendo platforms sell huge numbers once again. Next week, figures will be down, but it looks like most platforms are set to meet or exceed shipment expectations for the year ending March 2009.

Wii 1,000,930
DS 935,239
Xbox 360 535,806
PSP 298,341
PS3 239,576
PS2 180,753

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Nuch Vader3586d ago

Lets get one thing straight, there will never be a year of the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360; it will always be the year of the Wii. Until the next generation begins.

PimpHandHappy3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

i think your wrong

where you go wrong is this

SYSTEM of the Year is not just about sales! If that was the case the DS would win it every year! System of the Year is about software and sales!

So while i will give you 2007 2008 and maybe 2009 for year of the Wii in terms of sales i have a feeling the PS3 will have longer legs and will have games the true gamers want to play

BTW the Wii is not part of this consele fact the term WAR is stupid! Its a fight for market share and the Wii has made its mark in a market no one seen coming! THE YOUNG THE OLD AND THE LAME market

Lord Vader3586d ago

I disgree. The 360 & PS3 offer much better software & hardware = i dont care how many Wii's sell to the casuals.

Mini Mario3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

"So while i will give you 2007 2008 and maybe 2009 for year of the Wii in terms of sales i have a feeling the PS3 will have longer legs and will have games the true gamers want to play"

How do u know that the same ppl buying the wii arent the same ppl that bought a ps2. The ps2 was easy to use > stick in the game and play. (no installing , no please wait while ur ps3 stuffs around for a while)

Lets face it from what ive seen in setting up the ps3, its no where near as user friendly as a wii or ps2. Sorry to say but its true. The Hub for the system is terrible and unless u really know what ur doing in some parts it would be hard for some1 to really understand some of the options. And on top of that it really is awkward cycling though everyting.

Casuals bought the ps2, they bought singstar and eye toy, horsez dogz and bratz and BUzz. So dont tell me sony has never had casual gamers...the fact is they had many, and now they are converting to the wii.

Plain and Simple

Raoh3586d ago

THe wii is just kicking butt at every corner.

it will be interesting to see the 2008 final numbers.

LevDog3586d ago

Wii will win the console war.. but they are not considered NEXT GEN.. So the Next Gen console war is still being played out..

Wii- I just dont see it.. Its the most boring console ever.. You know its bad when your ex girlfriends mom who is a rodeo queen wants one and gets one.. I already know they will play for 2 days and never touch it again (like every other Wii Owner I know).. To me it just shows that people are buying it cause other people are.. Worst fad in gaming history

360- Not much to say about that.. If you feel like throwing your money away and then have it break on you, by all means go ahead.. If you wanna spend money to play 2 games (Halo Gears) Go ahead..

PS3- Yes Its what I own- But its also the best VALUE for all the consoles.. You just get alot more for your money and alot of FREE stuff.. You get a HD movie player, Free online gaming, Some of the best games to come out in the past 2 years and 09 is shaping up to be even better than 08.. Your controllers are rechargabe (out of the box).. I could go on but It would be too much to read..

I know Ill get some disagrees about prolly most of it.. But thats the beauty of PERSONALLY OPINION and Posting comments.. Feel free to argue.. Im bored

GameOn3586d ago

Like you needed to tell us you own a PS3 after giving your opinion of the 360. 2 games lol.

Nuch Vader3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Except Xbox 360 has twice as many games over PS3 and a billion more Downloadable games than PSN. Playstation 3 owners are always having to justify their purchase. I guess I'd do the same if I paid $400 - $500 for a system that has the same visuals as a $199 system. As for myself, I'm happy paying half the price for a system with more games, a better multiplatform ports and better exclusives. Plus, I'm happy getting my games on time. It would suck being a PS3 owner and getting a bunch of Xbox 360 hand me downs like a second rate step child.

Wile3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

535,806 people in the US disagree with you.

I own both. I use my 360 twice as much as my PS3, mainly because XBL has the better online experience.

Jackthepwnsaur3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

"Except Xbox 360 has twice as many games over PS3 and a billion more Downloadable games than PSN. Playstation 3 owners are always having to justify their purchase. I guess I'd do the same if I paid $400 - $500 for a system that has the same visuals as a $199 system."

i think Killzone 2, Uncharted and MGS4 would like to have a word with you when it comes to visuals.

Not to mention it doesn't matter how many games are available in the console, what matters is the quality of games available in the console. and if you don't believe a word that I said, compare this year's PS3 games to 360 games, then come back to me.

people must of forgot that the PS3 was outselling the 360 all year until september. Amnesia problems much?

Wile3586d ago

I have MGS4 and Uncharted. See comment 3.3

Potty Scotty3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )


Actually, go do some math. The Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 for 2008; both in software and hardware.

Uncharted!! Good lord, everything looks better than Uncharted. You have a low standard for visuals. Especially since It has so many graphic glitches. We all know that KillZone 2 is the next Haze. MGS4... 5 hours of game play and 10 hours of video. Sorry, I like to play my games.

doshey3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

u do some math the ps3 was selling out the 360 all the way to September, then 360 went buck wild and started selling like crazy, and wow ignorance is running well in ur body, u are one clueless fanboy

PotNoodle3586d ago

Saying that you own both and use your 360 more means nothing.

I own both and use my PS3 probably twice as much as my 360, i'm on my 3rd 360 (None of them have broken on me, i've just sold and bought them over and over)

So when i got rid of my elite a few months ago i sold all my games to buy PS3 games, but fable 2 really interested me and after seeing the price cut of the 360 i thought i might as well go buy one, so i bought that and gears 2, battlefield: bad company (cause it was cheap) and fallout 3 when it came out, but sold it a few days later.

But yeah, i use my PS3 more than my 360. Why? because i prefer the games, the community and the online gives me everything i use on the 360 anyway, not to mention the fact there are more PSN games that interest me personally. So what did you prove telling me that? It is all personal preference

XBL: Death roW247
PSN: DeathroW22

GameOn3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

I hate to argue, and you are right. The PS3 did have slightly better games this year than the 360 but it isn't as bigger gap as every one makes out.

Overall though the 360 has a lot more games rated 90 or above on metacritic. so it has both quality and quantity.

I all ways knew it would be 2009 that the PS3 would really start catching up though.

Jackthepwnsaur3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

The only person that need Calculus for Economic Majors here is you

sigh... It looks like I have to show some idiots data so they can quiet down. The PS3 Outsold the 360 from January 08 to September 08.

Since we are using VGchartz, here:

Here analyze the chart. I don't have to argue with someone who doesn't get informed on whats currently going on in the Video Game Industry.

Please Keep in mind that Anything before September 08 was before the 360 price cut.

In terms of software, the 360 sells more Software than the PS3, despite the bad quality 360 games had this year. (please DO NOT make me mention these disappointing mediocre games, you know what these games are on the 360.)

PS3 was the opposite, Despite having better quality games, its not selling the amount of software that 360 games sell. Its pretty obvious why they do not sell as much as 360 games. BAD Marketing. Haze was Marketed more than MGS4 in America. that made me sick to my throat. Resistance 2 and LBP didnt had good marketing either. look at that R2 commercial for example. that was just bad, it didnt really show what the point of the game was, not to mention its selling points. on LBP, I didnt really see a commercial dedicated to that yet.

JD_Shadow3586d ago

Every game looks better than Uncharted? I'd love to see what games YOU'RE playing, then!

Potty Scotty3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

By the end of 2007, Playstation 3 had sold 8,850,872 units total world wide. By the end of 2008 (which is not over yet), PS3 has sold 18,820,000 units.

By the end of 2007, Xbox 360 sold 15,872,280. As we stand, Xbox 360 has 26,490,000 in 2008. There's still the 5 days leading up to Christmas that haven't been counted. Without a doubt, Xbox 360 has and will outsell the PS3 for the 2008 year and that's all that matters. Sony Failed to close the gap. The gap between Xbox 360 and PS3 is wider.


Don't worry. What I'm playing doesn't have the frame rate drops, v-sync issues of Uncharted. I assure you that Uncharted is aged. There are many PS3 games let alone Xbox 360 games that have better visuals than Uncharted. It's nothing to brag about.


Yeah! There are Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation 3 bundles everywhere for $299. I think I'll go down to Wal-Mart and pick one up.

Many of those so called Sony Franchises (Which are third party franchises) were birthed some where else. Metal Gear (NES), Final Fantasy (NES,SNES). The only real Sony franchises are first party (God of War, Twisted Metal, LBP).

Nathaniel_Drake3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )


Yeah whatever helps you sleep at night, obviously its your opinion, and its nice that you care about us PS3 owners so much, the FACT is whatever system you get you get for certain reasons

Here's my opinions:
1)Nope, don't have to justify my purchase, I bought it because it has the best exclusives and now the same or better multiplat iterations on it, it has blu-ray which is a big plus as it uses more of the HDtv capabilities, audio quality is what I'm looking for here and extras, its probably the best investment, meaning is growing in value through its life, I've made

2) I would rethink about getting it on time or anything on time when the thing that comes out is very broken and is used as a beta for us PS3 owners, another problem here is Sony brings out more 1st party games so as to not have to wait for the multiplat games

3) Obviously graphics are opinion, so here's mine, PS3 already shown games that kick the crap out of other consoles, so please get a PS3 or have your eyes checked, I'm not being a fanboy here but I don't what else I can say here, again I think Gears 2 is a phenomenal looking game, but the PS3 has shown why its worth the 400-500 dollars, oh and one more thing about the price you can get a MGS4 PS3 with DS3 controller and MGS4 game 40 gb that is BC for a bout $299 so that kinda craps on your argument there

4) About your hands me down look at it again please its the other way around, the 360, being a great console to get, big announcements has been once PS2 third party franchises, Sony knew this was going to happen so guess what they beefed up their 1st party and 2nd party and now has control on the tremendous amount of games coming out in the future and those out presently

5) Another fact is the PS3 is future proof and has everything you need for each person once you buy it, stop comparing the $199 for gamers when in fact that isn't the system they want to get but the higher models, unless you want to pay for wi-fi adapter, and HD drive, oh yeah I forgot you have to pay $50 a year for live so add that on, yeah it is about $4.00 a month but still that adds to the consoles price

Your argument is so one sided its not even funny, ironically you reek of a person justifying his purchase, and again thank you for showing your concern for our "choice" =)

LevDog3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

HAHA.. Damn I forgot I commented on this story.. I come back theres a fire storm.. HAHAHA.. I love it.. I cant comment on all.. I just say YES I AM A FANBOY.. IM FANBOY OF SPENDING MY MONEY AND GETTING THE BEST POSSIBLE VALUE OUT OF IT..

2 games yes.. 360 will always be known for the Halo Gears franchises.. 360 may have 2 times more games, but lets be honest they are pointless.. They just collect dust in the bargain bins, just like alot of titles for both consoles.. if they are heavy hitters no one seems to care about em.. People are only gonna spend 60 bucks on games that matter.. 360 only has 2 that matter to the overall public.. Ps3 has alot more variety.. Thats just fact.. Everyones top 5 of PS2 games are different.. Do an xbox top 5 and pretty much everyones will be the same.. That will be the same for Ps3 and 360.. Ps3 is alot more varied and more quality..

When I came into the Next Gen console era.. I had a Gamecube and Ps2.. I looked into 360 and Ps3.. studied both and checked the overall value of each.. My buddies tried to get me to buy a 360, using the more games argument.. But to me thats stupid.. You can have a crap load of games but if 90 percent dont interest me whats the point? Then they told me I had to buy a Wifi and HD DVD add on and pay for online? I asked why? They said thats how MS did it.. So I started looking into the PS3.. I got a Wifi and HD movie built it no extras to buy.. the controllers were rechargable and alot of the titles i loved on Ps2 were coming out for Ps3.. So I went with the 60 gig on Dec 31 2006.. I havent been dissapointed since.. Blu Ray won the war and Now I watch HD movies all the time.. 360 has compressed HD (which doesnt compare).. I still havent bought any new batteries for my controller, I use my Wifi for Media center.. and I have free online for all the games I play..

That 600 bucks Is well worth it.. Especially since Some of the best games this year.. Fallout3 and COD4 were Multies..

360 fans will never be able to justify a 360 purchase to me.. It just isnt worth the money (personal opinion)

But Im an older gamer who PAYS for his own stuff.. So value is very important

CLiP5E3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

"By the end of 2007, Playstation 3 had sold 8,850,872 units total world wide. By the end of 2008 (which is not over yet), PS3 has sold 18,820,000 units.

By the end of 2007, Xbox 360 sold 15,872,280. As we stand, Xbox 360 has 26,490,000 in 2008"

Hmm lets do some math from your findings.

xbox 360 year 2: 15,872,280
PS3 year 2: 18,828,000 (not final)

Those numbers speak for themselves but you conclude that the gap isnt closing? 2009 is shaping up to be a great year for the PS3 and the 360 is running out of life in my opinion. The PS3 will have more than 26,490,000 sold by the end of 2009 and therefore the gap will continue to close. The PS3 has many years ahead of it, can you say the same for the 360?

ambientFLIER3586d ago

How are you throwing money away, if the 360 is fixed for free if it breaks?

PS360PCROCKS3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Ha. you're not biased at all.

@clip - Yes keep telling yourself the gap is closing, you do realize the 360 doesn't have to outsell the PS3 forever, only long enough to continue future exclusives and multi-plats across the board. In your logic by 2010, FIVE years after the 360 came out the PS3 could finally pass it.

HateFanboys3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

All the exclusives this year were junk! Gears was the only semi decent game, and that sh1t was lame, just more of the same, and lamer graphics. And i own both and use the PS3 3 times more than the 360. And they only fix it for free if its a red ring (and why are SO MANY systems red ringing?), not if its anything else, anything outside out that after a year is $100 bucks (plus all those $50 a year for Live you idiots have been paying). Yeah thats a great idea, lets pay for something that should be free because i can cross game chat, yeah, thats so worth it. And the 360 is nothing more than a DVD player.

ambientFLIER3585d ago

Why are so many red-ringing? They overheat...duh. I thought everyone knew that. Anyway, paying for live isn't a problem. I have both, and Live is 10x better than PSN, so I don't mind paying for it, even though I could just play for free on PSN. The "it should have been free" argument is getting old. Many things in life should be fre, but they aren't. Get over it.

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G Man3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

lol @ sony's hardware and software sales. Time to release the PS4 Sony!

JHUX3586d ago

Amazing I just saw a you post on news bashing vgchartz when it was for ps3, not saying a word now. lol... fanboys crack me up. Do you even play games? Or do you all just sit on n4g trying to justify your purchase (I enjoy the games on the 360, but there is no justifying the amount of broken 360s, due to Microsoft wanting to jump out and get a lead on the next gen console war, which they aren't doing to good of job of holding on to anyway). If you care so much about sales, then I'm surprised you don't know they are selling at a faster pace than the 360 anyway... Oh and the fact that Sony doesn't kill there console and F*ck over there customers, just to get a lead on faulty hardware. So don't expect a ps4 anytime soon.

I could bash all 3 of the consoles faults all day, but it doesn't do anything for me, I don't get the warm special feeling fanboys get when they sit every day and night, on there computer waiting for a negative article to pop up on n4g so they can feel good about themselves. If that gets ya off though go on, the ridiculous fanboy arguments to bring a lot of entertainment, even though some of the crap that comes out of there mouths (or keyboards I should say), is just beyond the level of stupidity most have.

doshey3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

well senses it vg charts i could give a crap less but i see sony out sold the 360 so its a win win haha, pc can be used for gaming or work or school so u cant count that all under gaming

Wile3586d ago

can anyone translate for me?

GameOn3586d ago

Not by much considering They have 3 platforms up there.

You're right though. I wonder how these numbers compare to the real numbers.

Potty Scotty3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

translation, I suppose if you add all three of Sony's Hardware units, they ever so slightly edge out the Xbox 360 in sales.

El Padre3586d ago

If you're counting PS3, PS2 and PSP together, why not combine the sales of X360 and Windows-based PCs? It's MS after all.

DaTruth3585d ago

Don't know what you're talking about, Microsoft doesn't make PCs. I'm quite certain Dell, HP and others are not selling hardware for MS. These are HARDWARE numbers.

HateFanboys3585d ago

Thats moronic cuz Windows isnt in the same category. PS3, PSP, and PS2 are all in the category. Otherwise lets throw in Sony's TVs, their AV receivers, speakers, movies, movie theetrs, computers, walk man, cd players. dvd players bluray disc players and the list goes on and on. Cuz according to your stupid logic, they are all "Sony".

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