GTA: Definitive Edition surprise update hides mystery codebase change

GTA: Definitive Edition has received a sudden update that addresses performance in Rockstar’s sandbox game, but also contains a mystery change in the codebase

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1nsomniac108d ago

Vice City being my favourite GTA of all time, the definitive edition is such a pile of crap. How rockstar had the nerve to call this the definitive edition and shutdown the mods from people that had actually put real work in it. Is a disgrace.

andy85108d ago

Tbh I'm playing through Vice City now and it looks and runs pretty nice compared to when I played it day one. Obviously they could have done far more with it though

CobraKai108d ago

I know I’m prolly being biased, but I loved that foggy/misty (pun intended) look of the ps2 releases.

1nsomniac107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I never played it on PS2 I bought it originally day 1 on PC. I can understand if you’re not bothered by it if all youve played is the PS2 version. But this whole definitive edition is a smack in the face to PC players who had the definitive edition in the first place. It goes to show just really how little work they actually put in to this remaster. It really is laughable if it wasn’t true. Playing it now through PS+. Rockstar really have fallen!

To have it still run like garbage on a ps5 and I’ve had countless bugs already and I’m only about 5 missions in. Is an absolute joke!

andy85107d ago

What bugs are you seeing? I'm 25 hours in and I've not seen anything

1nsomniac107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Quite a few times missions haven’t started properly. I’ve had cars stuck to me. Loads of issues with police not working correctly I.e random guns shots when I’ve got no wanted level and I’ve gone to try and find out what’s going on and it’s a cop stuck in a bush trying to shoot me for some reason but either has terrible aim or the bullets aren’t working. Didn’t have any issues with the original, this is all within I’d say my first 2 hours of gameplay. This remaster is garbage.

andy85107d ago

That's really odd I've not seen any of that. The one bug I saw was the army still trying to chase me when I had 6 stars and visited a pay and spray. Apart from that it's ran flawless.

ActualEngineer108d ago

Incase you guys didn't know, almost all of the lead designers of the GTA series have left Rockstar. That includes Leslie Peter Benzies and Dan Hauser...

roadkillers108d ago

Yeah, t’m concerned regarding GTA6. Sure RDR2 was great, but that was 4 years ago… two years ago the leads have left. Rockstar is mostly new people at this point who haven’t worked on GTA5 compared to those who have (idk if that’s fact, but sure feels that way). Remember what happened to Rare when all of them left.

Demetrius108d ago

Exactly tho most of our favorite companies have went through bs changes with the staff

StrangeDerp107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Let's face reality, because it's irrelevant that Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser left rockstar games, because Leslie Benzies left rockstar games in (2016) and it made no difference to GTA Online updates or GTA Online gameplay and Dan Houser left rockstar games in (2020), and Dan Houser ONLY wrote the GTA Story for GTA Single Player, and Dan Houser wasn't a programmer or gameplay designer lol.

Leslie Benzies (Producer) leaving rockstar games in (2016) and Dan Houser (GTA Single Player Story Writer) leaving rockstar games in (2020) isn't going to affect GTA 6's gameplay or GTA 6's Online Mode, because they aren't programmers, and they don't create the gameplay design, the GTA world, GTA Online, etc

if GTA 6's Single Player Storymode is worse than GTA 5's, who cares anyway ?, because most people will only be playing GTA 6's Online Mode after they have finished GTA 6's Single Player Storymode anyway, because GTA Single Player Storymode can only entertain most people for so long, until it becomes repetitive and boring.

There are still millions of people playing GTA Online to this day, and there is probably a lot more people playing GTA Online than GTA 5's Single Player.

Have you seen the trash games that Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser are working on ?, Leslie Benzies is working on a trash game called "Everywhere", and Dan Houser invested in a blockchain games company called Revolving Games, Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser have seriously embarrassed themselves lol.

Here's the video trailer for Leslie Benzies boring and uninteresting looking game called "Everywhere", and here's the article links about Dan Houser investing in a blockchain games company called Revolving Games, this is beyond embarrassing for Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser lol.

Everywhere Gamescom Teaser 2022

Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser invests in blockchain games studio, joins its advisory board

TheLordOfStuff107d ago

You are exactly the problem with the current gta fanbase lol

The guy who actually made the story left = but online gunna be siiicckkk bra can't wait to buy shark caaardzz

StrangeDerp107d ago

@TheLordOfStuff Only idiots buy shark cards for GTA Online, because it's easy to make a lot of money on GTA Online for free by selling drugs with the Nightclub Business.

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siLENTEsKI107d ago

Why do they look like fortnite characters?