First Person Shooter Games You Must Play in 2022 and 2023

Paul Hang: Looking for a new FPS game? We got you covered with ten action-packed first-person shooters you can play from 2022 to 2023.

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rlow1350d ago

I’m waiting for Atomic Heart

Storm23349d ago

Definitely. So amped for Atomic Heart. I really want a Killzone 2 Remake.

rlow1349d ago

To my regret I never played the series. A remake would be cool, from the trailers I saw the environment, weapons and just the whole package is very enticing.

Storm23348d ago

Killzone 2 was incredible. SP and MP. Put so many hours into that game. If done right, a remake could be my go to fps this generation.

MrBaskerville349d ago

Cultic and Phantom Fury are no brainers. Chasm rerelease is also worth a look.

Relientk77349d ago

I really want Atomic Heart and Bioshock 4 when that comes out.


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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Will Let Players Scale Swing Assist, Max Assist Was Standard in Past Games

Do you want your swing across New York as challenging as possible in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? If so, you can do just that, as the game will have a slider for “Swing Assist.”


PS5 Free Game Deal Quietly Changed by Sony to Be "Invitation Only"

A recent Sony promotion that enabled gamers to get a free game with a PS5 purchase has been quietly adjusted by Sony to be more exclusive.

purple1014h ago(Edited 4h ago)

It's still strange how EVERY SINGLE Sony first party game is included, except, Gt7.

(The one I play mostly) the ONLY one with a VR mode, to my knowledge. what are they up to?

TQQ4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

It was always by initiation only but people didn't read what Sony said and websites reported it incorrectly because they also didn't read it. It's the same as other promotions they have done like the $10 credit promotions or some of the PS+ discount offers.

Also people need to have the setting set to allow promotions, if you block those you will never get any of these offers.

To be fair though pretty much all summer people were able to get $50 discounted consoles with an additional free game code.

Petebloodyonion4h ago

I think it's a fake outrage as it's probably mentioning that the user needs to redeem the promotion via an e-mail they will receive.
In order to receive this promotion you must consent in receiving promotions and comunications from Sony.

So no Sony isn't trying to screw ppl by making false promotions.

Tacoboto2h ago

This is Sony not trying to screw customers, just like Sony didn't screw 25 contractors at Naughty Dog, just like how admins aren't censoring negative Sony news.

Nothing is or can ever be negative with Sony!

Jin_Sakai2h ago

Yea let’s just get those 25 QA workers there on a project that’s basically dead. You don’t know what you’re talking about

shinoff21831h ago

Negative Sony news comes through all the time. You clearly just ignore because you have an agenda. Hmmm.

Or it could be maybe the negative xbox news outweighs the negative Sony news. It's just what you wanna see. Nothing gets censored that I can see. Are you aware of how the site works

mellaci1h ago

We have people like you to constantly let us know whats negative when it comes to Sony so calm down.

Petebloodyonion45m ago

I fail to see why this is screwing with customers, you buy a console, you register it online and you receive an invitation to redeem your game...
Perhaps the simple reason why they updated the promotion is because someone wanted to redeem via phone or whatever.

As for the rest
Layoff happens all the time in all companies, was MS screwing ppl when they cut some staff in 343 industries?
As for the admins they are not perfect but I'm sure they are trying their best to moderate this website.

Asplundh37m ago

I don't think they're doing wrong here but the rest of what you said is accurate and It's funny the people here telling you that it isn't like that, are the same ones that report and try to fail negative Sony articles. 😂

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jznrpg2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

It’s not exclusive just opt in to receiving promotional stuff from PlayStation when you make your account. If you have an account go into it and opt in. I’ve got a lot of coupons over the years