Super Smash Bros. coming to Virtual Console in Japan

From the article: "Nintendo Japan has updated their Virtual Console release schedule and revealed that Super Smash Bros. will finally be added to the service in January 2009 for 1200 Wii Points.

There is no word yet out of Nintendo of America on whether or not we will be seeing Super Smash Bros. in a similar timeframe, but this news is a good sign that we will. Virtual Console games are typically added to the Japanese VC a few days (Mario Kart 64) or a few months (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link) before they are added to the American VC."

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Product3584d ago

ill prolly buy it seeing as how i feel this was the best smash bros but i really hope that it has the online that alot of emulators why is it 2 dollars more then usual?is this an import for japan?

jorgeanaya0003583d ago

I wouldn't mind paying two more dollars for online.

ChickeyCantor3583d ago

2 dollars more, simple because of the fact that smash bros franchise is selling well =P

UnSelf3583d ago

bring Melee to the PSN

Smacktard3584d ago

I noticed a couple of days ago that it's $2 more than all non-import N64 games. But SSB WAS released in Japan. After Iwata saying that he would've liked to have seen Melee remade with online functions if Sakurai refused to make Brawl, I'm thinking there's a fairly good possibility that SSB N64 is getting online play.

ChickeyCantor3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

No it will be a direct port, I'm sure of it.
The only reason he would add online to Melee was because of the fact there wasn't going to be a new Smashbros if he refused.
Meaning that SmashBros hungry people wouldn't get a new smash game.

I think lots of people would have liked melee with online.
...but it would be cool if they add online to it...i mean pokemon snap had it too right?
but know that it is going to be a few MB bigger.

Smacktard3583d ago

Then explain the $2 increase in price.

ChickeyCantor3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

I already did,
read the post above.

Smash bros is a well selling franchise...
Figures to add 2 dollars more =P

But hey i could be wrong though, Smash bros with online would be awesome actually.

Smacktard3583d ago

You didn't really explain it at all. Nintendo's not gonna jack the price up just cause "we can make monies %D"

They wouldn't do that. It'd piss off customers.

ChickeyCantor3583d ago

But they did to few of their games.
And honestly even if they did piss of the smash fans, they would buy it anyway, so they should shut up xD.

Anyway it's what i think, i already admitted that i could be wrong on this, I would love to see it with online functions.

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