Ikaruga confirmed for Xbox 360.

It looks like cult-classic Treasure shooter Ikaruga is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, after a download for the game appeared on Microsoft's debug version of Xbox Live.

The shooter was originally released for Dreamcast and Nintendo Gamecube in 2003, and is the spiritual sequel to Saturn blaster Radiant Silvergun. CVG Nintendo's stalwart describes it as "the best scrolling shoot-em-up ever made".

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DC RID3R4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

bad-boy shooter on it's way to LIVE.I used to play ikaruga on my DC. TREASURE were/are some of my favourite dev's of ALL TIME! gunstar heroes, gaurdian heroes, alien soldier, and silpheed were ALL awesome games, plus they made loads more!

dantesparda4900d ago

Good game, though not as good as Radiant Silvergun, but good none-the-less

PS360WII4900d ago

I have this for GC and it was pure genius. It's defiantly worth a look at. Just intense action enough to give you an epilepsy attack even if your not prone to them

mellowspaz4899d ago

I have the GC version as well, awesome game. Probably should be easy to fit in the new xboxlive arcade download limit