Turn 10 Dev-Partner Reveals Forza 3?

Turn 10's menu graphics designer accidentally let some menu graphics of Forza 3 leak and also revealed that they themselves have been working on Forza Motorsport 3.

"Although we all already know that Forza Motorsport 3 is in the works and that the existence of the title has been teased by the developer Turn 10. Now we have the first confirmation of the actual existence of the game through a dev-partner that created menu-graphics for the first Forza Motorsport." -Squad XP

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Blaze9294597d ago

Wasnt this already "revealed"? Even had two screenshots

Why o why4597d ago

im interested to see what T10 will bring to the table this time

Lex Luthor4597d ago

I think you mean bouncy castle over it.

Bnet3434597d ago

I never knew games had legs to be able to run. Going to have to keep mines on a leash.

LONEWOLF2314597d ago

Doubtful BUT whatever floats your boat.
Besides i doubt GT5 will even be released this Century.

thor4597d ago

GT5 needs to come out soon. If the graphics are going to be basically what we've already seen in prologue, and they don't step their game up in other ways (AI, damage, online), GT5 is going to be up against some games which potentially could look better and play better. GRID2 could well look better than prologue, and I'm guessing Forza 3 is going to at least try to set a new standard in graphics and gameplay.

My major issue with GT5 is the whole 1080p/60fps BS. It could look a hell of a lot better if they didn't waste extra processing power on pixels that not everyone can see, either because they don't have the TV for it or their eyesight isn't 20/20.

spunnups4597d ago

like Grid will ever look better than GT5.

iiraymoii4597d ago

GRID looks better than GT:P..? You can be a blind fanboy all you want but even some fanboys will not back up that ridiculous statement.

NaiNaiNai4596d ago


how is he being a fanboy, grid was mutiplat.

and i personally found grid to look better then GT5, why. there's damage, so yea a game that looks amazing with no damage, or a game that looks amazing with damage, ill go for the second one.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4596d ago

Yeah it will crash into it, there just wont be any dents or car damage

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Keele4597d ago

Another SUPERIOR game on xbox360.

Jump in.

ravinshield4596d ago

your right.must preorder asap

Nathan Drake4597d ago

But Forza 2 left a bad taste in my mouth,will need a demo of Forza 3 to see if the game is worth buying

darkequitus4597d ago (Edited 4597d ago )

Yeh, right Nasim. Your toned dow act does not work.

oh and a bow down to Too Pawned the oracle LOL

and iiraymoii, Thor say "GRID2 COULD well look better than prologue". At least try reading the comments before you spout YOUR fanboy turd.


[email protected] Spike47, I agree with you. It is not like if GT5 is great (sure it will be) 360 will not buy forza 3 (should be great also) or vice versa. How does one exclusive o one platform affect an exclusive on another. owners will buy. People like me will buy both

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