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A safe but exciting sequel with an impressively alarming amount of rats.

Jin_Sakai605d ago

Another game running at 30fps or 40fps for 120hz displays. This is depressing. I absolutely can’t go back after playing 60fps games and especially 120fps modes.

King_Noctis604d ago

The game is 60fps on PC. So you can’t play on that?

Jin_Sakai604d ago

“The game is 60fps on PC. So you can’t play on that?“

We have games that look much better than this running at 60fps or even higher on consoles. There’s no excuse for a game running at 30fps.

Jin_Sakai604d ago

Started playing the game and wow the graphics are much better than I’d anticipated. One of if not the best looking games I’ve played this gen. And the amount of rats on screen is mind boggling.

Crows90604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

Except there is a huge excuse. They lack the talent to optimize better. Dont take what we get from Sony for granted. It's actually not the norm at all. Games will run at varying frame rates because they will push the engines more without necessarily optimizing performance. End of story. It's reality.

Glad you admitted judging the game harshly without playing it at all though. Takes maturity to admit that. I myself will wait for a PlayStation release...since I heard PC optimization isn't great and I don't have the latest and greatest.

Limitedtimestruggle604d ago

After playing this on PC..damn this game eats hardware for breakfast and beyond!

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Elda605d ago

I'm off tomorrow,I'll download at midnight through GP & see what it's all about.

monkey602605d ago

You could pre load it from about 2 weeks ago

H9605d ago

The first game was one of those that leave a good impression but not enough to be invested in more, glad the sequel is doing good critically, maybe one day I will check it out

Mr Logic605d ago

Yikes. 1440p/40 on PS5 and Series X. Glad I have a good PC.

SurgicalMenace605d ago

So resolution and fps does what for the story or mechanics again? This need to feel superior for the most marginal privileges is growing increasingly tiresome.

Mr Logic605d ago

I, personally, find smoother gameplay to be more immersive. When I'm more immersed in the game I can get more invested in the story. I'm not sure why you would even ask about mechanics. Everything from aiming to basic movement is going to be better when the game responds better to your actions.

Fishy Fingers605d ago

You playing Ragnarok on a PS4 then, Surgical?

Same story and machnics.

Jin_Sakai605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

“So resolution and fps does what for the story or mechanics again?“

It plays smoother and gameplay is more responsive so it makes for a better experience overall.

I game on console and 60fps should be bare minimum this generation. I can’t go back to 30fps so I’ll be skipping this one.

SurgicalMenace605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

I personally don't care about resolution nor fps over writing, character/level design, or fun factor. I've not gotten snobby enough to forgo playing a game, that I've not the talent to create myself, for something as trivial as resolution or fps. I tend to understand that there are limits that go beyond the limits of my understanding. Another game purchased and enjoy this month for me.

Curious; so if God of War were to be announced having only 30fps and 1440p resolution you'd go without playing it too? If so, it must be a pretty sad gaming experience with standards higher than your lack of ability can remedy. Nothing is worse than a critic with no experience of excellence in the field their attempting to critique.

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CaptainHenry916605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

TBH, the PS5 and Series X is already 2 years outdated and that's why we're hearing more about the mid-gen refreshes PS5 Pro and Series X Elite both in production.

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Limitedtimestruggle604d ago

Really liked the first game! Opting in on the Gamepass PC version for this one for best peformance vs the consoles!


PlayStation Plus January Games: A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West, Nobody Saves the World

PS Blog: "Today, we’re happy to reveal the inaugural PlayStation Plus Monthly Games lineup of 2024. January’s titles of A Plague Tale: Requiem, Evil West and Nobody Saves the World will be available to PlayStation Plus members on Tuesday, January 2 until Monday, February 5."

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darthv72169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Nice... I just bought Evil West a couple months ago but never opened it. Now I won't have to. And i hear good things about Plague Tale.

crazyCoconuts169d ago

Plagues Tail Req is good. One of my favorite Dual Sense trigger effects on the slingshot.

--Onilink--169d ago

Nobody Saves the World is amazing too, SkillUp did a great review of it

Samonuske168d ago

On the same boat with evil west still have it unopened.

FinalFantasyFanatic168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

I already bought Evil West on PC just recently, I've owned Nobody Saves the World for a long time, I really loved the first Plague Tale game, I was waiting for it to hit $30 on Steam before I bought it.

Considering the games, this is one of the best months we've had in a while.

thorstein168d ago

I have every one of these on my wishlist. This is great!

I loved the first Plague Tale.

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Eonjay169d ago

Really good month for the Essential catalog.

Storm23168d ago

I have wanted to try it! So glad it is included this month. Good job Sony!

Relientk77169d ago

A Plague Tale: Requiem and Evil West are both fantastic games. What a great month