Analyst: The year of the PS3 is delayed until 2009

2008 was a good year for the PS3 with several blockbusters like lBP, MGS4 and Resistance 2. But it wasn't THE year of the PS3 like some anylists said it would be. Today the analyst Piers Harding Rolls explained why 2008 wasn't the year of the PS3 and why 2009 will be the year of the PS3.

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rucky3581d ago

Just because of sales? PS3 was definitely the year of the PS3 cause of the awesome games that was delivered.

Kingsora3581d ago

But analysts look at sales numbers, that's the only thing there interested in ^^

mikeslemonade3581d ago

The sales were stunted by the high price. PS3 is by far the most expensive and considering the price they did well. Next year Wii won't drop in price nor will the 360 and the PS3 will drop price because they didn't drop the price all year long in 2008.

trpride3581d ago

Well you never know with the agressive marketing of Microsoft, if the suddenly are losing hard, I could see them dropping the pricve with another 50 bucks

mikeslemonade3581d ago

Well if Shane Kim is true to his word about how this generation will last longer then they won't drop price next year because they want to stay competitive longer. If you drop to $150 you can only drop the console a few more times before price drops don't even matter.

Venomish3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

analyst says blu-ray is dead

never listen to clowns

-GametimeUK-3581d ago

what was that venomish? i wasnt listening

The Killer3581d ago

if sony doesnt cut its price early and if they dont change their marketing strategy!

but i think sony will cut the prices and will have better advertising campaign so they will own 2009 with wii, i think it will be a close call between them, and if sony release a motion like controller then u can say good bye to wii!

WANNA GET HIGH3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

U talk about games but what happens if those games did not move consoles.It was only mgs4 that moved consoles.Lbp,resistance2,socom o,motorstorm2 did not move console.Yes i know the ps3 had better exlusive which is good from a gamer point if view like me but to sony it is all about sales and moving consoles.I think the year of the ps3 talk has to stop.It is only going to happen when sony drops its price and start out selling the 360 "BY A LARGE MARGINE" the hole year not by 3-13k like it was doing when the year began.I know 360 price drop played a huge part of stoping sony sales but its competion and write now the 360 is ahead.I have a felling if sony markerts killzone2 propley and do not "DELAY" it for even a week like LBP then the game will move consoles.

fishd3581d ago

If sales arethe problem here it is :

----------US NPD----------JPN MEDCRATE----------- TOTALS----
--------PS3--------360------- PS3-------360-------PS3 ---360
Jan - 269,000 ' 230,000 / 213,367 ' 32,064 / 482,367 ' 262,064
Feb - 280,841 ' 255,000 / 68,953 ' 11,534 / 349,794 ' 266,534
Mar - 257,120 ' 262,000 / 65,291 ' 9,265 / 322,411 ' 271,265
Apr - 187,071 ' 188,000 / 37,820 ' 6,760 / 224,891 ' 194,760
May - 208,709 ' 187,000 / 44,611 ' 8,756 / 253,320 ' 195,756
Jun - 405,488 ' 219,000 / 130,050 ' 11,020 / 535,538 ' 230,020
Jul - 224,900 ' 205,000 / 62,963 ' 22,480 / 287,863 ' 227,480
Aug - 185,353 ' 195,000 / 41,661 ' 37,333 / 227,014 ' 232,333
Sep - 232,408 ' 347,000 / 33,255 ' 54,449 / 265,663 ' 401,449
Oct - 190,000 ' 371,000 / 60,312 ' 36,029 / 250,312 ' 407,029
Nov - 378,071 ' 836,000 / 96,059 ' 46,580 / 474,130 ' 882,580
----------------------------- ------------------------------ -
-----2,818,961'3,295,000/ 854,342 276,270 / 3,673,303 3,571,270 <----PS3 is ahead


Death3581d ago

I don't agree that you can have a PS3 price cut without an Xbox 360 price cut though. If the PS3 was cut to $349, at the minimum you would see the Elite price at $349 too. The Pro might also get a small adjustment, but the Arcade would most likely be unchanged. Microsoft will always have the price advantage against Sony this gen. The 360's been out longer, launched lower and is less expensive to build.

If the PS3 is still losing around $50 at retail, you will see Sony lose money atleast 1 more quarter this year. Once they break even they will probably wait as long as possible before making a drop. The earliest we should see one is fall 2009. They need to make as many Holiday sales as possible next year. Since the bulk of sales come in November/December I don't think they will be aggressive until then.

The earliest "year of" I see for Sony will be 2010. That is probably when we will see an economic recovery and a $299 PS3. By late 2010 we should start seeing early news on the next gen of console too.


ThanatosDMC3581d ago

Didn't analysts also say that PS3 will fail against Microsoft's console a long time ago???

whoelse3581d ago

The PS3 should do well in 2009 sales wise. This is because of the increase in momentum for Blu-ray, bigger and better games from new and old franchises and most probably a price cut. However due to the economic climate it cant do as well as it could have done, the same with 2008.

Personally what I'm looking forward to are games like Killzone 2, and also I'm interested to see how Sony handle Home and how the service will evolve throughout the year. As long as Sony really push it and push the 3rd-party developers in the year, it will become something big, and it could survive on its own with the constant flow of interest from businesses and consumers.

StephanieBBB3581d ago

So how can they claim that it was not the year or the PS3?

It might not have dominated the market but it's beer stomach is gone and it's crunshes definetly paid off this year.

Mini Mario3581d ago

" - phsssst
Just because of sales? PS3 was definitely the year of the PS3 cause of the awesome games that was delivered."

I know what u mean, they reckoned the gamecube "flopped" yet it had awesome games too!

Legion3581d ago

2008 year of PS3: Lather, rinse... repeat.

2009 year of PS3: Lather, rinse... repeat.

2010 year of PS3: Lather, rinse... repeat.

Saigon3581d ago

and does numbers don't even include PAL numbers and the PS3 is still ahead...

barom3580d ago

If it's all about sales then technically PS3 won year 2007.

And that would also mean that year 2008 is yet to be determined as the final numbers aren't in and we've seen mostly only NPD numbers (US or NA numbers).

N4360G3580d ago

This year was a great year.So many good games were released like Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet.Next year will be even better.The only problem is the PS3 still is priced too high for most people,so they don't buy it.Since PS3 production is getting cheaper,I predict SONY will cut the PS3's pricetag next year and we will see a major change in PS3 sales.

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power of Green 3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

The year of PS3 is always delayed, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and so on and so on.

Skip_Bayless3581d ago

Haha Power Green can count? I learn something new everyday.

CViper3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Oh well though, spreadsheets might be more fun than actually playing good games. Maybe that same attitude can keep em busy next year while playing the Halo3 rts.. and.. the.. multiplats. I dunno, what else is there? Oh.. Ninja bla.. lol.

PS3 sold 17 million. 360 shipped 25, 50% of those are more than likely RROD's. And yes Power Of Green/The Mart, a non-sony related person saying 2009 is the year of sony despite its game lineup.. is some sort of official source.

MGS4 owning Gears2 is more than enough proof that 2008 was the year of the PS3.

-GametimeUK-3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

as much as i dont care about sales the Sony fanboys on here only seem to not care when they are behind... but those same sony fanboys who dont care about sales will be quick to mention the ps2's success in terms of sales...

face it n4g is full of contradicting nubs who can not put together valid points for their opinions

Max Power3581d ago

i haven't seen any sony fanboy say anything about the ps2 yet on this thread. also you have to look at the whole year, where sony was selling more PS3s than Microsoft was selling 360s. Microsoft noticed this trend then cut the price to try and combat sales, and it worked for the last one and a half months of the year. so i would have say yes it was the year of the ps3 because it was selling more consoles before microsoft got desperate and cut its price again, and sold more consoles than sony for two months, then magically it became the year of the 360 because it out sold ps3 the last two months of the year.

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-GametimeUK-3581d ago

... But lets talk strictly content... PS3 clearly pwned 08 in every way possible... There is only ONE 360 exclusive worth mentioning all year and the online for it is broken anyway (gow2)... PS3 has seen the likes of MGS4, LBP and R2... Also other fan faves like MS2 etc... There has been like 1 stand out wii title with Smash Bros and thats it lol... Its like the PS3 had ZERO competition this year after every game on every other system under achieved its potential in terms of quality like Fable2, Too Human and Banjo lol...

The PS3 also took great strides finally bringing HOME to us... It has THE greatest selection of original DL games (well the wii's VC is still the best but the games are not original)... Lets not forget PS3 also brought us Burnout Paradise as a DL purchase on the store...

PS3 evolved into the machine I originally wanted it to be this year... It was the year it became my fave console... MS did hardly anything to keep me interested and seemed to cater to the casuals with all its cheesy advertising (like the wii)

Simply put PS3 is hardcore and I loved it this year... The other 2 systems did nothing for me this year at all and I am hust being honest

Why o why3581d ago

+1 for that moment of truth. Its not like ur even sh!ting on the 360 its just the ps3 did have more quantity and quality

NipGrip3581d ago

Wipeout HD, Pixel Junk Eden, etc..

For a group of gamers that seem to want to be pushing digital distribution over physical mediums, we seem to forget about downloadable titles far too often and not seem to "count" them as true titles that should be considered.

But yes, 2008 was the year for the PS3 when pit against the 360 in terms of the variety of exclusives. McDonalds sells millions of hamburgers a year.. Doesn't mean they are the best (by far). It means they have good marketing and pricing.

Anyways, against the Wii's sales, both "next gen" systems' sales seem laughable.

TrevorPhillips3581d ago

the year 2009 for the ps3 is just the beginning your going to see a lot of good games coming out such as killzone 2, MAG, Gran Turismo 5 and many other great exclusive games

WANNA GET HIGH3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

But what will happen if dose games do not move consoles.I tought LBP was supposed to be a system seller,socomo was ment to bring ps2 owners to the ps3,resistance2 was also hyped up as a system seller but look how it all turned out.I am not a fan boy but im just saying the facts.

fishd3581d ago

Oh STFU please,so now it is all about sales?

wicked3581d ago

It's always about sales, if a company does not sell it's games how could it afford to develop new ones?

twoface3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

So what do you expect Sony to do? Just sit there and wait to die? You have to at least give them credit for trying, which also keeps current ps3 owners like myself happy (with the games).

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