Top 20 LittleBigPlanet Level Kit Predictions: 20-16

As our end of 2008 feature, we've compiled our Top 20 Little Big Planet Level Kit Predictions. The things that we'd like to happen (but won't really happen), and the things that we think could happen as well as the things that we really know will definitely happen.

Just for fun, let's begin...

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StephanieBBB3672d ago

"The dark knight expansion pack" to lbp.

And a grappling hook gun to go with that! ^^

Elimin83672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Lazy town sacboy look kool but please keep that dlc awaaaaaaaaay waaaaaay away from LBP... Please. Every thing else goes. .

hetz153672d ago

Spiderman n TMNT FTW!!!

Dir_en_grey3672d ago

Oh man Web-Slinger and weapons from each Turtle so you can actually fight would kick ass!!

If u combine add-on weapons, just imaging Paint Gun + Web-Slinger = Bionic Commando, Paint Gun + Jet Pack = Contra etc...

HighDefinition3672d ago

It`s the first stage. (the Jungle Level)

It`s called: LittleBigContra

Check it out.

christian hour3672d ago

Ignoring the above pointless sales pitch of a reply, I third the notion of spiderman and teenage mutant HERO turtles (why was it hero in the uk? That always confused me...)

Web slinging in little big planet could be one of the best features ever added to it! EVER!

cruckel3672d ago

its because UK can't admit there are Ninja's out there. That would Expose their secret branch of Government and Military power

christian hour3672d ago


You may want to lay low for a while... take a long trip or, maybe pretend you're someone else for a while. I think we've gotten in WAY too deep on this one.

Brixxer6003672d ago

It was a government conspiracy, the UK powers that be wanted to sell more merchandise and thought that "Hero" would appeal more child friendly and more parents would allow their kids to get the toys. The government over here are pathetic when it comes to "censorship".

On topic i'd say definitely Spiderman dlc for lbp.

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mpmaley3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

How do I shot web?

But in all seriousness...I freaking want a Marvel pack now. Make it coincide w/ the next Marvel Ultimate Alliance game. DLC for Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Cap' America, etc. *DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOL*

HighDefinition3672d ago

At least costumes.

BTW, I think a Batman pack is coming next.

Sheddi3672d ago

They better come with that pack!

mll093672d ago


I'd get the Slipknot level pack, just so that I could Sackboy mosh lol.

WAR_MACHINE773672d ago

I want that one so bad. I just need to know who we need to put the boots to so that this becomes reality.

user8586213672d ago

hey hey waa bout banjo kablooie a thought that was a lbp killer :S well according 2 pp lmao!! XD

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