10 years later, Resident Evil 6 deserves a second chance

Resident Evil 6 may be a black sheep in the horror franchise's history, but its a misunderstood action game that stands out 10 years later.

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CrimsonWing69114d ago

I didn't misunderstand it. I loved it the first time I played it. Fantastic co-op game and a lot of fun it also gives you a mountain-of-content bang for your buck.

Dandalandan117114d ago

I’ve been reading a lot of bad reviews since it was released back on the PS3. Last year I got the PS4 version on sale and said to myself I’ll give it a chance. I was hoping that maybe it isn’t as bad as others say it is. Well turns out, most of them were right. It sucks! Tried using another character and yeah it still definitely sucks!

Furesis114d ago

"misunderstood action game"
just... stfu, like what is this trash

ZeekQuattro114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

I can tolerate most of the game outside of Ada scenarios. Those clunky stealth segments are bad and annoying as all hell.

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The story is too old to be commented.