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Scorn is a special experience for anybody looking to have their expectations subverted for what a good horror game can be. It is a gory, surreal, provocative dive into difficult or even taboo topics, and is wonderfully crafted, and near perfectly optimized.

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Army_of_Darkness605d ago

Best way to get hits and readers interest! By going against the grain 😏😉

Rocosaurus606d ago (Edited 606d ago )

Good get for Xbox and Gamepas. Nothing like it on PS.

MrBaskerville606d ago

Wouldn't say there's nothing like it. Reminds me a lot of Amnesia: Rebirth. It has strong frictional vibes. I like it, but I do miss the contrast between desert and alien horror world in amnesia. Wish they had added some kind of extra layer for sake of atmospheric variety.

Terry_B606d ago

..first submitting this and later adding a typical console-war fanboy comment.


606d ago
Gridknac606d ago

If you go into the game thinking Doom, your gonna be disappointed. If you like Myst, you might be pleasantly surprised. Its alright. Not really enough action for me, but I did enjoy the puzzles. Some of them are real mind teasers. No hand holding at all.

MrBaskerville606d ago

Yeah, Myst is a good comparison. There's a lot of exploring rooms and figuring out contraptions. I like this part of the game more than i like the shooty parts.

jznrpg606d ago (Edited 606d ago )

Myst was a good bit longer than this game .

Jin_Sakai606d ago

Graphics are amazing and the atmosphere is gruesome. I haven’t played much but it definitely stands out among most games today.

warriorcase605d ago

I'm near the end it feels and I've enjoyed it so far. The shooting is terrible but you can for the most part just run past enemies as most only attack you if your in the path towards their nest.
Atmosphere is top notch. As you said, reminds me of Myst style games or SOMA a bit.

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Terry_B606d ago

attack of the fanboy..indeed lol

CrimsonWing69605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

I mean, maybe they really genuinely liked it...

I've heard it's like Myst and others in here are saying that. That's not a game for the mainstream and I think the younger generation don't have the patience for an obtuse exploration/puzzle game that doesn't involve gratuitous shooting and running around.

shinoff2183605d ago (Edited 605d ago )

Your spot on about the younger generation. My guess is alot will start it play for a few hours and give up. I see it numerous times from a few younger guys i work with

dRanzer606d ago

So according to your site , Scron is better then god of war and the last of us. Ok


That would depend on who review those games you mentioned and who reviewed this game. Was it the same reviewer for all those games? And if it was isn’t that reviewer entitled to their own opinion? Or should a reviewers opinions only reflect those of the readers?

Julion0715606d ago

This his site not yours his opinion not yours what’s the problem?

dRanzer606d ago

We fallow the mainstream, you can't just write reviews that doesn't reflect the actual media.
If review is opinion, why we write them?

Shiore2u606d ago

@dRanzer For your sake I hope that's sarcasm.

porkChop606d ago

No, that's not what they're saying. They're different genres, different themes, different play styles, and also could be different reviewers. Just because one game gets a better score than another doesn't mean it's better, the context is important.

CrimsonWing69605d ago

Maybe, and just maybe, the scores are unique to the experience and not encompassing of all games that have a similar score?

I think Tetris on the original Gameboy is a 10/10, but it's not the same "10" that God of War got a 9/10 from. If that makes any sense, since the games are completely different and therefore are scored on such a basis.

That's just my thoughts, maybe I'm wrong.

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The philosophical atmospheric horror game “Scorn” is now available for the PS5

"The London-based (the UK) indie games publisher Kepler Interactive  and Belgrade-based (Serbia) indie games developer Ebb Software, are today super thrilled and proud to announce that their philosophical atmospheric horror game “Scorn”, is now available for the PS5 via PSN." - Jonas Ek, TGG.