Shounen Magazine vs. Shounen Sunday announced for PSP

Shounen Magazine vs. Shounen Sunday fighting game for PSP made by Konami.

It's to celebrate the 50 years of the two magazines.

Negi Springfield and Asuna Kagurazaka of Negima!
Natsu Dragonil of Fairy Tail
Shinichi Mechazawa of Cromartie High School
Inu Yasha of Inu Yasha
Kenichi Shirahama of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Ippo Makunouchi of Hajime no Ippo
Ikki Minami of Air Gear
Yoshimori Sumimura of Kekkaishi
Kaoru Akashi, Aoi Nogami, and Shiho Sannomiya of Zettai Karen Children
Hayate Ayasaki of Hayate the Combat Butler.


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Endless_X3583d ago

Note: The title of the game isn't announced yet.

Baka-akaB3583d ago

The game is already awesome because of negima , inuyasha and fairytale among others ...
I'm not so in love with the idea that Konami is behind it , but we can only hope they'll remember how great the ds jump games were .

sinncross3583d ago

There are more character right?

but this is very cool!!!