1UP: White Knight Chronicles Preview

As 1UP sat down to write this preview, they reflected on the influence a major critical entity can have. In the case of White Knight Chronicles, their preconceived notions were strongly colored -- stained, really -- by a damning 29/40 review from Famitsu. The score seemed shockingly low, especially for a game coming from a major advertiser like Sony. Even the generally horrible Infinite Undiscovery did better (32/40), while the unfairly maligned The Last Remnant did much better (38/40). More alarmingly, Level-5's own disappointing Rogue Galaxy was considered the superior game (36/40). In short, they were expecting a disaster.

White Knight Chronicles is anything but. 1UP doesn't get the feeling the game is a vibrant masterpiece -- not yet, anyway -- but it is certainly superior to Infinite Undiscovery, and corrects most of the problems with the deeply flawed Rogue Galaxy.

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meepmoopmeep3586d ago

man, i can't wait to get my hands on this game

MURKERR3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

how ironic coming from a site like 1up...

meepmoopmeep3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

i don't mate.
other peoples opinions don't hold any weight on my personal one.

i haven't played a Level 5 game yet that i didn't simply enjoy a lot

cherrypie3586d ago

Does the preview mention the 29/40 review from Famitsu?

The 29/40 that makes White Knight Chronicles the lowest JRPG score of the generation?

The 29/40 that places it below Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, Infinite Undiscovery, Trusty Bell (Eternal Sonata) and Tales of Valkyria.

You mean the White Knight Chronicles that got 29/40 right? That one?

Menchi3586d ago

Did you just self-own yourself?

The entire preview is geared around proving that 29/40 wrong. It mentions they were expecting an utter disaster of a game because of that score at the very start. Something tells me you didn't bother to read? How silly.

Contrary to what Famitsu thought, 1 UP thinks it's "Certainly Superior" to Infinite Undiscovery, which was scored 32/40, so according to 1UP it's at -least- 33/40 and judging from the fact they'd think the game would be a masterpiece with a patch to remove some "flaws" then yes, I think it's easily 36+/40

Honestly, this game is going to be a nice RPG, not brilliant, not the best thing since sliced bread, but most likely better than any 360 JRPG to date.

Rock Bottom3586d ago

They said it's better than Rouge Galaxy, which is good enough for me.

cherrypie3585d ago

"Honestly, this game is going to be a nice RPG, not brilliant, not the best thing since sliced bread, but most likely better than any 360 JRPG to date."

Right. So, Famitsu -- the reviewer that usually gets so much respect in all things JRPG -- is now "dead" wrong.

And, 1up -- who is slammed on this site for being "anti-PS" -- is now *correct* on JRPG matters?

Famitsu gives WKC 29/40 -- the lowest JPRG score THUSFAR this generation -- and you say "its going to be better than **ANY** 360 JRPG to date?

You're fcuking insane. Famitsu == 100% wrong and 100% on JRPGs now? is that the new rule? Or, is that the way you want to spin it because this happens to suit your OBVIOUSLY ridiculous bias?


silverchode3585d ago

famitsu and 1up are both wrong, can we leave it at that?

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Gun_Senshi3586d ago

Since when Rogue Galaxy is disappointing!?

Panthers3586d ago

LOL Rouge Galaxy was loved by fans. My friend got it and he loved it.

Saigon3586d ago

I loved it too...its on my list of favorite games...

TheHater3586d ago

I don't. I see this game and it my number 1 game for next year if God of War 3 isn't release next year.

AYO3586d ago

Please correct me if I'm wrong but don't all RPG's usually have the same controls? Commands? Most have an open world? See where I'm going. So why all the Final Fantasy references. It kind of annoys me whenever a review or preview is put out for a RPG that they constantly compare it with Final Fantasy. As if it's the greatest RPG ever made. Every game isn't like Final Fantasy. Of course they move with the left stick but is FF the only game that does that, no. Of course most RPG's have similar commands and HUD. I don't mean to rant, but my point is please stop with the FF love affair, all their games were not that great, maybe only 5 were.

Sorry about that, now I can back to being my regular self.

kindi_boy3586d ago

but i see your point, yes generally they all have the same scheme but FFXI is different. and from what that guy said in his preview i think he knows what he is talking about. if it plays exactly like FFXI am expecting a decent RPG.

Jecht3585d ago

Is the largest, most successful, most influential JRPG in existence. They compare other games to it for the same reason you would compare anything to something similar that is highly successful, because more people will get the reference if something is widespread than if not.

I mean, they could compare it to something like Secret of Evermore for the SNES, but then people would be like "WTF, I never heard of that game".

Say Final Fantasy, and you'd be hard-pressed to find any type of gamer that HASN'T heard of it.

Sevir043586d ago

and with that being said we could color this as the next highest rated RPG. and i hope They fix all those issues 1up put out in the previews and just to further state it.

"the generally horrible Infinite Undiscovery did better (32/40), while the unfairly maligned The Last Remnant did much better (38/40)" couldn't have said it better my self, Rogue Galaxy was nice too.

IU and TLR were gutter trash. and even in it's need fixing form This game already puts those trash games to shame. ^^ Bring on the epic WKC to the states

TheHater3586d ago

I fricken know dude. Since Dark Cloud 2 took 4 months to come to the states. I hope WKC would be around the same.

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