God of War Ragnarok 1.01 Patch Notes and Day One Update Size Revealed

God of War Ragnarok has received a massive day one update ahead of its launch on November 9. The patch notes and update size have been revealed.

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MrVux000156d ago

''God of War Ragnarok download size is reported to be 90.6 GB and this doesn’t include any potential day one updates. Now the first patch was just released and it is available on the official PlayStation servers. The download size of this update is 18.3 GB.''

''Those who get the disc version also have to download the massive day one update, although this is currently for the PS4.''

''We don’t have any information on the download or update size for God of War Ragnarok on PS5''

neutralgamer1992156d ago

I like the fact they are upfront about it and are being transparent. Contrary to popular belief developers don't work on the games till last day instead they have to send them in to be certified usually 4 to 6 weeks before release from what I understand

That's why we are getting a lot of big day one updates because once it's been sent to be certified they're testing and finding any bugs and glitches and trying to include those fixes in a day one patch

I know elden ring had hype so did few other big releases over the years but the hype for this is on another level. Honestly wouldn't surprise me if I the initial 3 days it sells 5-7 million copies

Should be a great game

Ninver156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Considering it's a flagship AAA title releasing during the holiday period with no real competition I have to agree that it'll sell immensely well. This is why I will always purchase a Sony console. You just know tye games will be delivered when needed.

savedsynner156d ago

Yeah it's standard now that games will come with a day one patch since by now, the game has gone gold.
Honestly, they did such a good job rebooting the franchise without having to remake it, I am super looking forward to this one.

They turned Kratos from a very 1 dimensional character to a great 3 dimensional character and while I can appreciate the OG Kratos voice actor(Kyle from Living Single), the new voice actor is so so good.

neutralgamer1992155d ago

i disagree he was always a deep character. Media likes to act kratos didn't have a deep back story/emotions

CobraKai156d ago

I cannot wait. Here’s a game where it’s understandable, considering how big it is, that it’s over 100gb; unlike Call of Duty that takes up massive amounts of space.

I started replaying part one. It’s funny how my muscle memory still tried to play the game like the PS2 games, which is exactly what happened when I played the very first time.

Demetrius156d ago

Ubisoft, EA. Activision, new rockstar, and other companies can seriously take notes from Santa Monica, naughty dog, insomniac, sucker punch on how to push hardware and communication with us fans

savedsynner156d ago

It all comes down to leadership. Does the leadership allow the game to big as good as it can be, or just another money making piece of art. Don't get me wrong, I hope they make a ton of money on this, but you can tell when the main focus of a game is to make money at the complete expense of the game and when it isn't.

156d ago
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