The Future Of Metal Gear Was Right In Front Of Us This Whole Time

Before Konami makes a disastrous attempt at Metal Gear Solid 6, we need Platinum to return to Metal Gear Rising.

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RaidenBlack103d ago

Anyone remember the original Kojima version of Metal Gear Solid Rising?
Yea I want that. Current tech will make it feasible.

RaidenBlack102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

I was blown away at the time.
I never anticipated a game's release that much ever before.
and then it got cancelled ... : /

porkChop102d ago

MGSR looked awesome. I was really excited to play it. MGRR was... honestly shit. I've never been a fan of Platinum's games.

shinoff2183102d ago

Me either. I cant think of one that i have liked

RaidenBlack102d ago

I was very very disappointed when they turned it to MGRR ngl. I know it has its fanbase and its a good game.
But c'mon! It was and still is a cheap knock-off of MGSR.
MGSR was a "next-gen" game that Kojima envisioned at the time.
Its cancellation is still my greatest disappointment in my gaming life.

-Foxtrot102d ago

That's the Raiden game I could have gotten behind

Couldn't get in to Revengeance and I think it's because a lot of the stuff I had saw that sold me was what Kojima showed in the early days.

Inverno102d ago

Bought it recently on steam when it was on sale, and I'll skip to the point. You take Rising, improve it, add a bit more stealth mechanics, someone with an understanding of a metal gear and you have yourself a good Metal Gear game. Especially after making a zombie game, it's probably their safest shot.

Vengeance1138102d ago

Platinum? Hell no, definitely can't be trusted to make a game even half decent anymore.

CDbiggen102d ago

Apparently Astral Chain in 2019 was very good.

Concertoine101d ago

I make a big distinction between their licensed games and their own IP's. They've said that they make the former to generate revenue to pour their hearts into the latter. The only truly disastrous game they made was Babylon's Fall, but just before that they released the solid Astral Chain and Nier Automata.

Orchard102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

While Rising was good, I wouldn’t declare it the “future of Metal Gear” since it’s more like a spin-off - the future must be a game with the same core stealth mechanics etc - not a hack n slash or rogue-like.

staticall102d ago

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is not one of the «two of the greatest action games of all time», come on, not even close. And it didn't do a «total reinvention» of the series, all of the ideas of MGRR were already thought out and made into a prototype (original Metal Gear Rising) by Kojima Productions. Look at the old E3 trailer made by them, all of the Revengeance ideas were already present there.

And to answer the authors' question of «how do you continue the Metal Gear series both without Kojima and without relying on endless remakes?» - you don't. Even if you have a team of professionals, without groundbreaking graphics, amazing complex gameplay, perfect music score and mindboggling convoluted storyline (not 100% good) with sprinkles of philosophy and weird humor, you'll just get another Metal Gear Survive. Do you want that? I don't.

And i wouldn't trust Platinum games anyways, not after their constant screw ups lately - Granblue Fantasy: Relink "contract come to an end" situation and huge game delay (was originally planned to be released in 2019, now it's 2023 after CyGames and PG broke up), quick death of that disgusting Babylon's Fall, another push of live services even after a recent failure. Then the new story about $4000 flat for the whole game for VA that plays the main character in Bayonetta 3 (Hellena Taylor) and Kamiya acting cocky and blocking people on twitter; and many more. Yeah, personally, i don't want them anywhere near Metal Gear, thanks.
I'm not trying to say that Platinum games have only bad games or anything - Vanquish, Bayonetta, NieR: Automata (i even got some enjoyment out of Anarchy Reign). But let's not act like Platinum games is some masterpiece makers nowadays.

P. S.: Not to mention, ditching stealth in Metal Gear is blasphemy and sacrilege. This is the DNA of the franchise. This is like removing skills and level ups in Diablo, removing shooting from Counter-Strike or replacing driving with walking in Forza. This should not be celebrated is what i'm trying to say. And stealth in Revengeance was beyond awful, even MSX Metal Gear games had better stealth mechanics.

FallenAngel1984102d ago

“Not to mention, ditching stealth in Metal Gear is blasphemy and sacrilege. This is the DNA of the franchise. This is like removing skills and level ups in Diablo, removing shooting from Counter-Strike or replacing driving with walking in Forza.”

With a spin-off you can do different genres.

That’s like deriding Mario Kart and Luigi’s Mansion for not being platformers

staticall101d ago

You can do anything with Mario, though (if we're using that as an example). And Nintendo did. It started as a Donkey Kong game i believe, then competitive Mario arcade, then platformer Mario bros., tetris-like Dr. Mario, Tennis, Golf, Paint, educational, Kart, Party, even Roulette, you name it. What i'm saying is, a ton of Mario games are not platformers (probably way more non-platformers than platformers, i think), the only "glue" that ties the games are Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and other characters pretty much, that's their DNA (at least, in my eyes).
Like, would you want to play a Mario game without any of the famous characters? Don't think so (at least i wouldn't). But something like Mario RTS with Mario characters? Maybe, sounds interesting.

That's why i think stealth is super important for Metal Gear specifically. You can make first person shooter set in the same universe with familiar characters, but without option to be stealthy, it would feel like a completely different game with «Metal Gear» name slapped onto it. Kind of like Metal Gear Survive did. I guess, stealth to Metal Gear franchise is like Mario to Mario franchise, if that makes any sense.

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