Halo Wars Achievements Unveiled

360Sync has uncovered all 50 achievements for the upcoming Halo Wars game, with 5 achievements being a secret (for now!) So, what can we expect from the achievements from this game, and more importantly, do the achievements reveal anything about the upcoming game?

For a start, just like in Halo 3, skulls will exist in Halo Wars, and you will get achievements for finding them. You'll unlock 2 achievements if you can find them all. Yet, you can also unlock 30 points for, "Using one of the 6 Major Leader Powers to destroy an enemy's last unit." But, enough of our explanation, take a look at the full list, which is embedded after the jump.

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Saint Sony3796d ago

"Halo" as a name is getting on my nerves already. Why beat the dead cow? Let Halo be already.

I do like RTS games though, but hmm...well better wait for the demo, but I'm pretty sure I will never touch the full version though.

Sonyslave33796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

don't worry but looking at your avatar u probably wasn't going to play it in the first place. Dead cow are ff games

PS360PCROCKS3795d ago

Beat the dead cow? what are you talking about? Their has been 3 halo games, an upcoming expansion to Halo 3 and Halo wars. That's like what 4.5 games? So let's see they got a half game on MGS, 1.5 games on God of war, GT 5, Tekken what 6?, SF 5 see where I'm going with this? Don't even let me bring Zelda and Mario into this equation of beating a "dead cow"

cherrypie3796d ago

Day #1. Without a doubt.

OlvaR3796d ago

but halo's concept was to be an rts from the very beginning if you its nice to have the opportunity to play it as an RTS

Sean Ryno3796d ago

Forget about it being a "Halo" game if you aren't feeling the Halo fever guys. Seriously this game is going to be something completely new and fresh. More important than this being a Halo game is that it is developed by the Ensemble. Seriously, Ensemble always make great games. Oh, and by the way, Co-op Campaign. . . . Nuff said.

zonetrooper53795d ago

I really want this for my PC so I may not buy it day one plus I just hate using controllers for RTS games, its plain horrible. =/

Also, will there be a demo for Halo Wars coming out on the XBL marketplace before it releases?

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