Sony Acquires Rights For Movie About The GameStop Stock Market Saga Titled "Dumb Money"

The GameStop fiasco of 2021 made headlines all over the world which was basically a Reddit vs Wall Street scenario. Now, we are getting a movie based on the event and Sony has acquired the rights to it.

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Knightofelemia229d ago

I honestly think this movie is going to bomb as bad if not worse then Morbius.

SullysCigar229d ago

Not particularly interested in the movie, but why do you think that?

JEECE229d ago

Probably not, because a movie like this can be made for a much smaller amount of money. So it could make far less in gross revenue than something like Morbius and still be a success (or less of a failure) just because they won't need to make as much to break even.

roadkillers229d ago

The question is… will they re-release when we want it?

Godmars290229d ago

Can't how they'd o wrong, if they stage it as a heist or con job by nerds against Wall Street snobs.

ALMGNOON228d ago

Morbius was still profitable.

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DefenderOfDoom2229d ago

Awesome that HBO is doing a documentary about this topic.

roadkillers229d ago

Netflix has one too. Probably lowest quality of 3

GamingSinceForever229d ago

So casting Seth Rogen makes this a comedy?

agnosticgamer229d ago

That would make for a terrible movie.

JayRyu229d ago

There is already a series on this streaming on Netflix. I guess if you want even more information on ithe topic then okay?

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