Can Nintendo Wii Game Consoles Improve Family Fitness?

Newswise writes: "Newswise - Consumer research suggests the Nintendo Wii Fit video game console was among this year's most popular Christmas gifts, but could it also be a way to improve overall family fitness?

A University of Mississippi associate professor of health and exercise science is researching the possibility that the Nintendo Wii and other whole body movement game consoles could help families get more physical activity.

If the systems do improve fitness, a byproduct could be a reduction in obesity, said Scott Owens, the professor tackling that question."

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LastDaysOfHumanity3801d ago

Why not go outside? I mean if you wanna get fit, just play some sports or exercize. Playing Wii won't change a goddamn thing.

UltimateIdiot9113801d ago

The short answer, no. The long answer, no.

Out of everyone I know who owns a Wii which is quite a lot. Most of them stop playing after 1-2 months. Seriously, people can go outside or go to the gym and get more results.

ChickeyCantor3801d ago

Even in your own room you can get more results,
People pretend that only gyms or the outside world could get you fit.

It just depends on what you do when it comes to exercise.
Things like Wii-fit are just here to make you AWARE of your own health.
And games like Wii-sports...don't even go there xD.