5 Common Things In Games That Make No Sense

There are some elements in almost all modern games that just don't make any sense. Most are done for practical reasons, like hiding up things that couldn't be created due to not having an unlimited budget. Some are in place as a way of making gameplay more practical. Some are just stupid.

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hombrehambre4653d ago

Haha I like the first one.

BabyStomper50004653d ago

Grandma respawning in:


Peter Griffin4653d ago

i loled at most of dem but the PoP reference is becuz games like dat only take place over the course of about 1 day (at most). Its not the games fault u took 70 hrs to beat it.

hombrehambre4653d ago

I like Prince of Persia's respawn system.

tinydancer4653d ago

Oh come on. It was pretty stupid.

IzKyD13314652d ago

"No, no, no....wait, that's not how it happened"

Xulap4653d ago

These are GAMES! Not movies.
Sure, it would be more realistic to have these things, but they're not trying to make a boring, movie wanna-be experience. They're trying to get as close as possible to a movie, with fun features, such as re-spawning.

How fun would a game be if you died with one shot, only had one life, had to go to the toilet every few virtual hours...?

sak5004653d ago

I've seen movies worse than games. Transporter 3 (the chase before they do it in the car), Eagle Eye (the porsche Cayenne scene specially) just some of the recent movies where gun fire from enemies feel more like throwing pong balls and hero firing auto-targetting bullets. Wanted although based on some comic was one of the worst of 2008.

Mozilla894652d ago

I always wondered about why bread or some other random food would give you health. Kingdom Hearts 2 final boss was amazing. I'm proud to say I've defeated a sky scraper throwing boss.

rhood0224653d ago

One point about the "Bosses" comment...

In New Super Mario Bros. the idea that Bowser should die after this first encounter is actually addressed in a logical (for a Mario game anyway) fashion:

He does die after this first encounter (turns to bones and everything) and is resurrected via magic at the end of the game.

Sure it took them over 20 years to make this move, but that right there makes this point less valid. Although the 4 stage boss in KH 2 was rather idiotic, despite the cool factor of dodging buildings...


rbanke4653d ago

One that i allways think is funny. In nearly all FPS games, when you take damage or something, a spatter of blood covers you're screen. We are in first person, and i'm assuming the screen is our 'eyes', how is it that we are constantly getting blood sprayed in our eyes? Not to mention, it would just be red tinted blur if you did get blood in you're eyes...

sukru4653d ago

it's your brain blacking out due to blood loss, and seeing hallucinations.

(yep, this makes more sense) :)

Mozilla894652d ago

I don't like it when they don't show your feet in FPS games. It makes me feel like I'm a floating camera that has a gun attached to it instead of an actual person.

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The story is too old to be commented.