The turn-based tactical RPG “Lost Eidolons” is now available for PC via Steam

"The L.A.-based (the US) indie games developer Ocean Drive Studio are today very thrilled and proud to announce that their medieval fantasy turn-based tactical RPG “Lost Eidolons“, is now available for PC via Steam. The Xbox series S/X version will be released in Q1 2023." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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phoenixwing556d ago

Bought it on steam. Hopefully this game is good. I was sold on gameplay video but you never know how these games are balanced unless you play it


Lost Eidolons Review - A Solid Tactical RPG Experience - Lords of Gaming

Lost Eidolons is tactical rpg that provides a great experience, with only a couple flaws. A great game for any fan of the tactical rpg genre.

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shinoff2183148d ago

I forgot about this game. I'll have to see if they got a physical release.

188d ago
Deathdeliverer188d ago

Damn Japan gave Spider-Man a higher score than Mario?! Tf?!

-Foxtrot188d ago

I know right

Famitsu, of all people

goldwyncq187d ago

Japan loves Spider-Man so much he might as well be their national superhero.

FinalFantasyFanatic186d ago

Japanese Spider man is a thing anyway, I wonder why they don't try to do a big game with franchises like Kamen Rider or Super Sentai, they have plenty for material to make massive games for them, but then again, those franchises are relatively unknown in predominately English speaking countries.

DarXyde187d ago

Spider-Man is God tier in Japan.

DarXyde186d ago


You really miss the point of the comment.

Charlieboy333187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Well, Mario is the same game from 30 years ago......except now he turns into an elephant instead of a racoon. Amazing stuff.

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1Victor187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

Nice to see a 4 person scoring high giving it more credit than one.
Spider man 10—10— 9—9.
This doesn’t say a game is better than other just that the 4 reviewers had fun with it, it’s all up to you to try it or not depending on your taste it might be amazing or trash

Eonjay187d ago

I doubt either will be trash given those reviews. There may be a difference between which you have more fun with though.

1Victor187d ago

Yeah it’s all about taste and they’re two completely different games that shouldn’t be equated because of scores.

gold_drake187d ago

oh wow, it scored higher than Mario wonders , very nice

eagle21187d ago

Spider Man 2 just went back up a point on Metacritic! The last game to go up a point was Tears Of The Kingdom!