Top 10 Games of 2008 Needing Sequels

True Game Headz writes: "Lists, huh? We all love them. They help us fit our lives into neat, comfortable boxes. God forbid I should hit you with a series of titles devoid of any specific structure or numerical hierarchy. The World would surely stop turning, the sky would switch places with the sea, and Nintendo would unveil their idealistic vision for a strictly hardcore-gaming future. Well, I plan to save the world from such disarray, with my list of top 10 games demanding a sequel or continuation.
Note: I've included games on this list which are, in fact, sequels in themselves. So, to be absolutely correct, this is a compilation of games I feel demand sequels AND games which should, by all rights, see continuations in their respective franchises."

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I would love a Dark Sector sequel, and hopefully a Dead Space one too :D

bitboi3675d ago

a dark sector sequel would be cool, i just hope they'd make it alittle more unique and less repetitve.