The Mobile Experience : Official Sony PS3 Bluetooth Headset Review

Andy from The Mobile Experience writes "Wearing the headset is easy, you just have to rotate the hook to swing around your ear lobe. I noticed if I rotate it snug, I would feel a little cramp over a short period of time. I think it was intended to be loosely hung over your ear so no large movements while wearing this thing. I probably would find it unacceptable if I am always using this on the go as I would look for something more snug and comfortable, but then I'd be looking at something else, like this Plantronic 925.

Conclusion: I am very pleased with this headset and glad I decided to go with this one for my PS3. It is designed by Sony with gaming and quality in mind. If only the ear piece has an in ear design like my normal headphones, we'd have perfection.

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NitrogenB3585d ago

Usually, no headphones are comfortable in my ear. This one is no exception, though not as annoying as most head phones. The display on the screen when your sync the headset right (by plugging it directly to the PS3 via a supplied USB cable) is awesome. It lets you now how much battery life you have, whether it's been disconnected and if it's on mute. Haven't had a chance to try it out on an actual game yet, but so far it's awesome. Only draw back is the fit in the ear. I would prolly give it a 9.0 out of 10 b/c of the comfort issue. Everything else about it is amazing.

Nathaniel_Drake3585d ago

I heard people using the ear foam on the ear buds help in that situation

meepmoopmeep3585d ago

by far the best headset for gaming on the PS3.
well worth getting.

DR-IVO3585d ago

did you try changing the ear pieace with the extra one they give you? When I first used the headset without changing it my ear was killing me after an hour of play. Soon I changed it I can keep it on for a few good hours, doesnt hurt at all now and fits perfect.

Misanthrope3585d ago

I think they should've made a headset like the 360 has. I love it, i never feel like someone can't hear me because the mic is close to my mouth, whereas bluetooths are usually quite far. I feel awkward wearing one. For that reason, I wouldn't buy this, not for that price anyway. I mean, isn't the wired 360 headset only about $20?

NitrogenB3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

It threw me off when I first put it on and realized how far the actual mouthpiece speaker was away from my mouth....but then I tested my voice on the PS3, and it picked it up like I was on a cell phone, amazing voice quality. It even has a speaker on the outside of the headset to catch any ambient noises and filter them out from the other speaker which is dedicated to what you're saying. I don't know if it's worth $50, I received it as a gift; but I definitely think it's a ton better than the wired 360 headset (my roommate has 360 with that one, and we had this very same discussion...he agrees with me after testing the PS3 headset.)

This one has a range of 33', and you don't have to walk around with the controller in your hand (ala: 360), or distract from your talking on it by other noises close to you.

TheMART3585d ago

I've heard it still has issues like most BT sets, that the noisegate cuts down peoples complete lines in half. And that's very annoying.

I have the PS eye now with mic which works, I might just buy a good USB mic wired, because cable is more stable. That's with WiFi internet/gaming, but also with voice/mic. At least for the PS3 that is. My 360 mic attached to my controller --> WiFi to 360 works fine.

pwnsause3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

"I've heard it still has issues like most BT sets, that the noisegate cuts down peoples complete lines in half. And that's very annoying."

no, it doesn't cut off. who ever told you that is you. its a great Headset, 9 out of 10 for me. its a bigger bargin if you pick it up with SOCOM. Even if you don't like the game, the selling point is the Headset. its even integrated with the PS3's OS to allow you to view its battery life on screen, not to mention it tells you when you mic is off, or whether or not its on Mute.

OOG3585d ago

If you really want to be can go get some turtle beach x1's with the ps3 usb adapter...or a tritton axpro....which im looking into for my 360/ps3.

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