Activision Blizzard Receives Another Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Activision Blizzard has received another sexual harassment lawsuit that also alleges sexual battery, failure to prevent harassment, gender discrimination, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

z2g355d ago

ms needs to do some house cleaning if/when that deal goes through.

CobraKai355d ago

Reminds me that I need to do some actual house cleaning.

TheLordOfStuff355d ago

Or.. or.. hear me out..

You could also just sit down for a few more minutes and scroll through your phone 😉

CobraKai354d ago

Hmmmmm. I like the way you think.

SyntheticForm354d ago

I just did that. Everything being done is so satisfying.

354d ago
GamingSinceForever355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

So this was consensual at first. Then she got the job there through him and suddenly wanted no parts of him. Then she reported him and he was fired.

So why exactly is she suing? Oh yes she wants $$$ to make her feel better.

It’s people like this that makes things harder for the real victims.

Tacoboto355d ago

Did you read the article?

Their relationship ended in 2011. Five years later he helped her get contract work, then four years later she became a full time employee in 2020. In 2020 or 2021, a decade after that relationship ended, is when he was "groping" her in the office and threatening her with decade old photos.

Good job misconstruing the entire context and timing. Yeah, he was fired, and she might be a bit opportunitistic, but don't lie about the timing to form your own narrative.

GamingSinceForever355d ago

A married woman leaning on an ex-boyfriend for work. On top of that she took a job working where he was at. Bruh she is for the streets and can’t be trusted.

I’m sorry my guy but case closed. She brought that shit into the company and doesn’t deserve a dime.

PapaBop355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

Most of these claims sound more like a case for a criminal investigation. Realistically what else could Activision have done? They investigated the claims and sacked him. Seems to me like she doesn't want justice just the money.

shinoff2183355d ago


Not sure why you got the disagrees when you laid the facts out.

Tells me alot about some of you all.

Tacoboto354d ago


Because it's impossible for exes to be adults, five years to a decade later. What a disgusting opinion.

S2Killinit354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

How is that proof of anything at all? So because she got a job through ex, she should have expected to be groped? Do you even listen to your own logic?

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DeathTouch355d ago

You know nothing about the case, yet you are already discrediting the victim as “fake” and/or “attention seeking”. You cause as much harm to real victims as people like that.

Crows90355d ago

Nope. He causes no harm. What power does he have to discredit anything. He has an opinion. Everyone does. His opinion or the opposite opinion cause no harm.

Sexual harassment needs criminal investigations. Until that's done there is no real justice and any action made before that is not justice.

Snookies12354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Lol, and you are the exact opposite of that. You are 100% on her side, closing your eyes and ears to anything that might indicate any other possibility. I'm not saying she's guilty or innocent of anything. But the fact of the matter is. Women have the upper hand when it comes to ANYTHING related to sexual harassment. They can make something up entirely, and be believed in court without much evidence at all. If a woman sexually harasses a man, it's seen as laughable and that the man could do something about it before it got bad. Kind of insane how "justice" is served these days.

Is she money hungry? Maybe, maybe not. Was it wrong of the guy to do? Absolutely. But there have been far too many cases where men and women on both sides of the fence have been screwed over. Just because of a believable story and some half-decent acting. Especially when a nice chunk of money is involved. Suing someone wouldn't be the first thing on my mind though. It would be getting the person sent to prison, who wronged me.

DeathTouch354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

@Crows90 opinions cause no harm? You need to open a history book. Also, that is exactly what I mean: investigations are necessary. An accurate comment would be: “details sound fishy, I hope justice is served to however is the real victim here.”

@Snookies12 I never claimed any “side”. Don’t be a fool.

Killer2020UK355d ago

You deliberately left out the part that their relationship ended ten years prior to him groping and blackmailing her in the workplace.

The blackmail alone is illegal is it not?

Eonjay355d ago

It is but we live in a society where critical thinking is replaced with snappy one liners and people are completely unaware that most reactions they have are just programmed responses.

rippermcrip355d ago

She said him being fired wasn't enough because it needed to be more immediate. AB said he was fired within 10 days. Seems pretty immediate considering they have to investigate.

XxINFERNUSxX355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

She should have pepper sprayed him then kick him in the balls. At least that's what I would do. Still I'm shaking my head at all the shit bags that still support Blizzard, especially OW2, even though the game is free your still installing that cancer on your PC/console. The way I see it, you support them your just as bad as the assholes who harass the employees there.

PapaBop355d ago

How does me enjoying an Activision Blizzard game somehow mean I support sexual predators?

XxINFERNUSxX355d ago

Buying anything that has to do with Blizzard keeps the company going and the harassment will continue, again and again. I'm not supporting a company like Blizzard, they can burn in hell and go chapter 11, but since MS is buying them, that won't happen. As I see it MS doesn't care at all about what goes on at Blizzard, fuck them to.

anast354d ago

It doesn't, it just means that your enjoyment overcomes any other sh#$ that might be involved in making the product. I don't think this is "good" or "bad", it's entirely human.

SoulWarrior355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

I mean, I get what you're saying but that's just guilt by association effectively, if everybody adopted that logic almost every company in the world would be out of business and society as we know it would not exist, every company has some kind of issue like this unfortunately whether it's in the spotlight or not, but tarring everyone with the same brush who's not sharing your boycot isn't the best way to express it.

Crows90355d ago

He pretends to be innocent. As if he's never made a mistake before. Should everyone in his life so abandon him when he goes through a rough patch? Probably not.

Killer2020UK355d ago

Would it not be better to judge individuals on their actions rather than hold an entire corporation, their staff and the people who deal with them as equally accountable?

The way you see it seems to be a pretty broad application of very ill thought out logic.

Eonjay354d ago

I understand what your saying but that's not how it works. Both people are in contract with AB. In this contract they both agree to sell their work to AB. The two employees don't have a contract with each other. Only with AB.
Both employees sign a code of conduct with AB. It is ALWAYS AB's responsibility to make sure that the employees are abiding by their contract with AB. This is the only way to protect all parties.

How do we know this is the case? Simple, if one employee reports that they have been harmed while fulfilling their contract and AB fails to protect that person or forces them to repeatedly experience harm then AB has violated their contract with that employee.

Of course the second employee is the cause and ultimate blame but the work conditions you are to sell your services in must be protected by the employer. Otherwise if you are forced to break your contract with the employer you can sue them.

Crows90355d ago

Nope. Get off your high horse. There's sexual harassment or some other shady activity in the movie industry, games industry, phone industry and every industry and within every product line.

Hope you enjoy eating worms out of your backyard. Otherwise you support inhumane practices in the door industry as well. Or maybe you grow your own food which is ideal now anyways.