Valkyrie Elysium Review - Great Odin's Raven! [Wccftech]

A fast-paced combat system and operatic soundtrack from Motoi Sakuraba aren't enough to save Valkyrie Elysium from a fate worse than Ragnarok.

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CrimsonWing69114d ago

Yea it’s ok. The combat is really the only thing going for it. You take that out and it’s a very below average game. I can tell Square is making budget titles and selling them at full price to see what sticks. That’s why there’s not a huge marketing push for this, DioField, or Star Ocean.

Magatsuhi114d ago

In the end it's a game and that's number 1. You can't just say remove the gameplay and it's average, the gameplay is great and that's what makes it an above average game.

phoenixwing114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Have to agree. Gameplay is king followed by story for me. I mean if I had to choose what to focus on it's gameplay. Would make that call any day all day. Which is why I have to scratch my head at these subpar scores it's getting.

Tacoboto114d ago

Just because something is fun in its moment-to-moment gameplay doesn't mean that alone can save it from mediocrity. Elysium had a great demo in my opinion, fun as heck for the hour-ish that it lasted. But from the sounds of it, literally nothing else stands out and from the demo I'd agree, especially with the middling graphics and presentation.

Below the comments are more review articles from here - 7.5, 7, 7, this one is 6.2. It's not a 2, it's not even a 5. In movie ratings it's an average 3-3.5 stars. There are PLENTY of games with all great gameplay, graphics, audio, ambition and motivation behind the project. Valkyrie has only the first one apparently and it gets pointed out in review after review...

CrimsonWing69114d ago

I’m saying that’s the element that stands out as being it’s strongest feature. The graphics aren’t, the music is ok, the story is so throw away. It doesn’t have much going for it other than the combat being fun and even then it burnt me out by the end.

There’s far more to a game than just it’s gameplay. I want a combination of a great gameplay, a fun gameplay loop, memorable music, an incredible story, and replay value.

You can have one of each element that’s super solid and it can make a game worth playing through, but gameplay alone doesn’t negate the strength that the other features can bring to a game to elevate the experience.

FinalFantasyFanatic113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Personally, I thought the gameplay was pretty basic, I was completely unimpressed by it, everything about this game was very mediocre and forgettable to me after playing the demo (I can see some DMC inspiration in the combat though). It's really a budget game through and through and should probably be priced as such, but I also predict the price will drop pretty quickly on that game anyway.

You just have to wait less than 3 months for that to happen.

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