Big Download: FusionFall Hands-on

Take note, adults. Kids have more to do than mourn the loss of free time due to homework and watch cartoons for hours every day. Sometimes their cartoon worlds become threatened by evil invaders, and the heroes on those shows aren't always capable of getting themselves out of jams. Nope, your kids have to do that. It's their job, and in FusionFall, the youth-centric MMO filled with Cartoon Network's most popular characters, work is quite fun indeed.

The diabolical (and gooey) planet Fusion has invaded Earth. Covering every surface and the majority of Cartoon Network's heroes such as Dexter in slime that creates an evil clone of its victims, Earth needs a new hero -- you. Because Cartoon Network's characters are so unique, FusionFall extends that diversity to players when creating their characters. Names can be chosen in three segments: one first name, and a two-part last name. Feel free to choose your own, or let the random name generator decide for you.

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