Tony Hawk: "Next Tony Hawk game very close to realism"

In a new interview with CNET, Tony Hawk stated that the next Tony Hawk game, very close to real skating as you'll ever come.

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Breakfast3802d ago

Glad they choose to change there formula.

Thank you Skate.

TheColbertinator3802d ago

Yeah Skate was awesome.It was really refreshing for the genre

Breakfast3801d ago


Bnet3433801d ago

now Tony Hawk is going to copy Skate ... bunch of losers.

-GametimeUK-3801d ago

Because Skate could also be accused of taking Thrashers take on skateboarding games and adding flick controls

EastCoastSB3801d ago

If they kept on the same tired formula it would've died out. Probably will anyway even with these changes.

vhero3800d ago

What the hell! no realism for a TH will ruin it. Skate sucked some people like it then fair enough but sales shows enough and well it did suck. People like doing whacked out stunts and looking cool. Nothing better than pulling off an amazing combo, sure it sucks for multi-player but it gives you a buzz. Games aren't meant to be real there meant to be fun people! Adding realism to games is ruining them nobody cares about fun anymore!

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EastCoastSB3801d ago

The first game was awesome, and the second is only going to get better.

TIKUP3801d ago

SKATE 2 FTW but this sounds interesting!!!!! :)

Yi-Long3801d ago

... the better both games are, the better it will be for us, the consumers. I'm really looking forward to Skate 2, but I sure as hell have never forgotten my great times with TH2 on the Dreamcast.

It's a shame TH went for the unrealistic and immature style after TH3, so let's hope they've grown up, are less lazy now, and will provide good competition to Skate 2 :)

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The story is too old to be commented.