File Factory : Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Ep. 2: Strong Badia the Free Review

James Pikover writes "Strong Badia the Free follows everyone's favorite HomeStarRunner character Strong Bad, the masked fleshy bag of grade-A awesome, on his adventure to removing The King of Town from power to end an email tax placed upon the citizens. Without ruining the comical plot entirely, Strong Bad's aim is to invade The King of Town's castle, protected by the Poopsmith (if you don't already know…), to end his reign of tyranny.

Through that adventure, the Sam & Max/Holmes-ian gameplay falls right in line with Telltale's style, making sure that every little hint is exactly where it needs to be for the alert player to recognize. Everything in Strong Badia the Free is based around solving little puzzles, such as how to get a sword, find body parts, understand a foreign language…the list goes on, and only gets weirder."

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