Japan: Xbox 360 beats PS3 & PSP in Most Played Survey

A survey conducted by Famitsu's online division found that its readers played more on the Xbox 360 than they did either on the PSP or PS3. Infact the PS3 ranked so lowly, it failed to even make the top five. No prizes are on offer for guessing which consoles took the top spots... the Wii and DS of course.

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sak5005713d ago

TheMart where do u dig up all pro xb360 news. This post is begging to turn into a full scale fanboiwar..

TheMART5713d ago

Which makes this site the succes it has I bet :-)

It's no digging dude, it's just like that. The 360 rules and the news is always on the main sites, on RSS, whatever. It's widely seen, much good news on 360, much bad news on PS3... It's just the way it is nothing else

DC RID3R5713d ago

very interesting indeed.

Of the few japanese/koreans on my friends list, most of them said that they were just waiting for the ps3, and once it was released they would dump the 360.
Up till this day, those SAME players are either playing GEARS, Lost Panet or Blue dragon.

FirstknighT5713d ago

Yeah looks like Japan is starting to think differently. For example, Virtual Fighter used to be a big seller for Sony, and now the ps3 version is a big flop. Looks like the Wii will take Japan.

Annihilator5713d ago

That's almost every 360 ownern in Japan!

smitty5712d ago

a nice spin article, but March is just around the corner..

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The story is too old to be commented.