KillZone 2 Vs. KillZone 1: Gameplay Retrospective

Cinemablend writes:

"KillZone 2 Vs. KillZone 1: Gameplay Retrospective Guerrilla Games is still hard at work in finishing up the latest triple-A shooter for the PS3, KillZone 2. The game is due out in February of 2009. But considering that KZ2 is so close to its release and it has built up such a huge following, we thought it would be interesting to give gamers a little look back on what KillZone was, and a look at what KillZone 2 will be."

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Carbide73799d ago

I thought Killzone 1 was an amazing shooter and I've been waiting for Killzone 2 ever since E3 '05. The wait is almost over =)

Danja3799d ago

same here I enjoyed the 1st KZ...and Liberation was just awesome...

HDgamer3799d ago

KZ1 was good except for the glitches. Since 2005 I've waited until this game to be released, I even participated in the public beta.

Elimin83799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Just cause the second one is coming out. KZ1 wasn't a bad game, it wasn't great either.. still got that and the one for PSP which is better than one by the way and anxiously awaiting 2... KZ2 will be miles away from one. The only thing that remains the same from what i've seen of the new one is Rico's voice being just as annoying.

Zolin3799d ago


FantasyStar3799d ago

I love Killzone 1 and consider it my #1 FPS of all time. I can't count how many times I've replayed it because the gameplay was fun. It would be a crime to play KZ2 without first playing KZ1, and KZ:L.

It's a shame that the new wave of KZ2 fans weren't fans of the first KZ1. I can already anticipate the wave of whiners that say the story didn't make sense or that Rico sucked blah blah when they don't even know where Rico came from to begin with.

Kami3799d ago

killzone 1 was good but oh god i hated the sniper rifle. it was a pain in the arse

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CViper3799d ago

So whats with the retrospective? As if its going to be the same game, just with better graphics.

It would be like comparing MGS to MG.

Bathyj3799d ago

KZ1 WAS excellent. It got raped by the media just because it wasn't a Halokiller, a phrase the media themselves made up, not Sony or GG.

It like a movie critic saying the next Bond (or Xmen, Spielberg, Starwars etc) flick will be the best movie ever made, and then having the nerve to be upset with the movie when it simply turns out to be very good.

Danja3799d ago

I clearly remember the media was the ones who gave KZ the term "Halo Killer"...

I loved the 1st KZ...and I might just play it again a few days b4 KZ2 comes out...just to refresh the story in my mind..XD

darkequitus3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

KZ! was dunce when compared to the many FPS' at the time. Sorry, it could not compete with the best of them Can't wait to play KZ2 -pre-ordered


baum3799d ago

It was EGM. Crap mag.

TIKUP3799d ago

Killzone 2 will shatter every fps ever made accept for half life 2 of course :)

EnglishPatriot3799d ago

"Killzone 2 will shatter every fps ever made accept for half life 2 of course :)"

you got that right!

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