PS5 System Software Update 22.02- Released Today On October 12

Sony has pushed out a new system software update for the PS5 today bumping the firmware version to 22.02-

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Knushwood Butt159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Following last week's update my PS5 flat out failed to boot once and crashed once, both times 'fixed' by pulling the plug.

I wonder if this update is in response to that?

Think I might skip the non-compulsory updates going forward.

EvertonFC159d ago

Maybe because of the jail break ?or just the usual maintenance

Fishy Fingers159d ago

Jail break only worked on a 12 month old firmware. That exploit was already closed.

1nsomniac159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

I had several boot issues with the firmware before last. But the last firmware resolved it. For some reason I was having to boot the PS5 in to safe mode then limit it to HDCP. 2.0 only. Then fully boot, then I could restart it with correct spec. Horrible bug and an absolute nightmare to work out. Came really close to sending it back as a bricked console.

Crazyglues159d ago

Can anyone else confirm if this update is fine or does it create problems...???

-Little worried after seeing Knushwood Butt's comment...