Gametrailers: Phil Harrison Interview

An interesting Phil Harrison interview from

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kornbeaner4897d ago

Kaz hairi and Phil Harrison might be the two most important people during this lifecycle of the PS brand. If they can manage to deliver and make us want a PS3 bad enough it will succeed as the market leader worldwide. The month of march is so important to the brand, with a european launch and hot, great titles coming out this can be the month that either starts or ends the flow for the PS3, F%ck I want some game, HURRY DAMN YOU, HURRY!!!!

CAPS LOCK4897d ago

from your pic i can tell that you own a ps3(if i am wrong ignore my post lol) has the hardware suffered from anything? like slowdowns and has it ever froze? also when u download from the PS network is it lag free and stable? and do the games take long to load? and does the install feature really work? is the blu ray playback smooth and does blu ray look better on an standard tv then dvd?
lol sorry i just want to know from someone who owns the system and not from other paid websites.

kornbeaner4896d ago

I have never had an issue with my PS3 at all.
Blu-Ray haven't got to using it yet so, ? not sure how it looks on SD-Tv's

Games Run great load times don't seem to be an issue, standard affair.
The PS online is Good as long as the person you're playing against has a good connection.
And as far as install feature, I haven't played Ridge racer 7 enough to know.
But the machine has not given me any glaring issues or any for that fact. I love my PS3 it's like my media hub, in a way it has replaced my PC for most of the things I used to use my PC for. The only thing a my PC can do that my PS3 can't is word process and run WoW for my brother to play.

richie007bond4897d ago

Man this tool has to be the worst contradicting sony rep there is,constant back peddling his statements when sonys lies catch them out.So phil whys the PS3 not selling as well as the WII and the 360, ehh ehh NEVER MIND PHIL just shut up and get back in your box...