Gametrailers GOTY Awards 2008 - Best First-Person Shooter

Which title provides the ultimate deathmatch?

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Grassroots3803d ago

Didn't see that coming. It's a great game, just the single player lacked for me (still love co-op), but man Left 4 Dead is so much fun.

shine13963803d ago

l4d single player was kind of lame for me. you really shouldn't play that without friends. but yeah R2 was quite a mixed bag but my fps of the year for sure.

thereapersson3803d ago

"The breadth and depth of content is unmatched, and Hale's struggle is the most personal, and the most cinematic. Whether you're looking for a solid single player campaign, meaty co-operative play, or massive multiplayer matches, Resistance 2 delivers on all fronts; making it the best first person shooter of 2008".

Kudos to Insomniac games!

Asurastrike3803d ago

Resistance 2 is undoubtedly the best FPS this year. I've replayed the SP portion of the game 2 times already.