Top 10 Star-Studded Games

"The year 2008 has pushed forward the often unstable union of video games and the ritzy-glitzy world of Hollywood. There are more movies based on games than ever before, for one. Sure, the majority of them are produced by Uwe Boll and aren't very good, but it's also working in the opposite direction. Just look at Quantum of Solace for a big name publisher and developer taking on a video game adaption of a movie. Then there's the influx of voice talent from Hollywood stars. Fallout 3, Call of Duty: World at War and Fable II are just three examples of games with star quality."

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italianbreadman5688d ago

Ray Liotta and company really did an incredible job on GTA: Vice City.

Easily my favorite of the series (although maybe not the best).

cain1415688d ago

Seth Green did well in Mass Effect...

ihaten4glol5688d ago

I LOVED Kiefer Sutherland in World at War. Nothing like having orders barked at you by Jack Bauer!

dannyhinote_135688d ago

Too bad the rest of the game sucked.

cain1415688d ago


Multiplayer is pretty solid, but yeah the single player was trash...

ihaten4glol5687d ago

I found World at War to be a very decent WWII shooter. I think you all just have to be BLOWN AWAY by games now to enjoy them at all. -.-

SirLarr5688d ago

SSX Tricky with no mention of Rahzel? Criminal!

James Abels5688d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing how Jack Black does in BL

italianbreadman5687d ago

Definitely, but I'm just looking forward to Brutal Legend, itself.

Viewtiful5688d ago

No DJ Stryker from Burnout 3? That guy is a mega star in my universe.

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The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion's Shivering Isles Is One Of The Best DLCs In Gaming

Oblivion's Shivering Isles is arguably the best DLC for any RPG and is still enjoyable after more than 17 years.

Snookies1223d ago

I was just thinking about that a few weeks ago. How amazing Shivering Isles was... Felt like a whole new world.

TheNamelessOne23d ago

So few game get true expansions anymore.

Charlieboy33322d ago

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine is the best dlc for any rpg....not even arguably. It is the best.

DustMan22d ago

Agree that Blood and Wine is an exceptional DLC cut from the same quality cloth of the main game. Shivering Isles was that over a decade ago, and was truly a unique setting from the rest of the game. Possibly one of the last major old school "expansion" packs.

TheColbertinator21d ago

Terrific expansion. A starkly different locale with new plants, wildlife, towns, weapons, quests, Daedra variations including a remarkable madman deity presiding over that beautiful freak show.

Bethesda may never make anything that good again and that saddens me.


Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"When it comes to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, fans have had a variety of ways to play it throughout its incredibly long length. They could have followed it from 2002’s original release and subsequent questionably canon releases on handheld devices only to return to the core game again with Kingdom Hearts II to find out that yes, they were canon. Then in that wait until the third game the mixture of titles along the way and other numerous platforms would make following Kingdom Hearts‘ story a challenge even for the most eager fan. Square Enix made up for this prior to Kingdom Hearts III’s release by bringing together an HD pack collecting the game’s together in an easier to digest package for fans and releasing them on consoles only for PC fans to be left in the dark. That is of course until all of the games arrived on PC, but not in a way that many had hoped. See, PC users can be a fickle bunch and when the Kingdom Hearts collection arrived on PC exclusively through Epic Games, it may as well not exist. Now, three years after the fact, these same PC players can now enjoy the exact same games on Steam with a bit of extra support including Steam Deck compatibility with Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece. The question is, do all of these games still hold up on their Steam PC ports?"

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Inverno24d ago

Far from a 9, Square have left these games a janky mess since their epic release. Even now they have not said anything about fixing some of the problems that many steam reviews mention. You gotta download the re:fined mod to fix what square refuses to do.


15 Best PS2 Open World Games Ever Made

With plenty of open world games to choose from on the PlayStation 2, narrowing down the list to just the 15 best is quite the difficult task.

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SimpleSlave27d ago

Those games were pretty mid. In fact, I'm surprised they even put The Getaway: Black Monday. But they left out much better games like Way of the Samurai 1-2, Okami, Jak 2 or 3, Final Fantasy 12, Yakuza 1-2, or SSX 3.