Modder dives into Demon’s Souls files following PS5 jailbreak, discovers Ring of the Chieftain

From Eurogamer: "Earlier this month, high-profile modder Lance McDonald announced that the PlayStation 5 had been "jailbroken".

Now, following the discovery of this jailbreaking exploit, McDonald has been rifling around in the files for both BluePoint's Demon's Souls remake and those of the elusive Abandoned from developer Blue Box Game Studio."

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HeliosHex112d ago

Some people have far too much time on their hands. Still it's good to see hackers....I mean modders doing something that doesn't get the FBI involved

Zhipp112d ago

It's kind of ironic to be making that kind of statement on a gaming forum.

HeliosHex112d ago

@zhipp. I don't see the irony, please explain.

rlow1112d ago

So the PS5 being jailbroken received zero traction on this site. But sad to see it had happened so soon. I guess consoles being PCs architecture, has made the job easier.

Storm23112d ago

At least it was an old firmware and the newest firmware is always required to play games online so they aren't going to get anywhere with cheats which causes huge problems on PC...

jeromeface112d ago

keep telling yourself that

fr0sty112d ago

@jeromeface they don't have to, there's years of experience, since the PS3 era, to go by. Every time a firmware gets cracked, a patch is never far off.

ABizzel1112d ago

The PS4 was also jailbroken early, so it's not a big issue until they can reverse engineer it, or get code running on it for offline play of games, which each take several more years.

Orchard111d ago

Yeah this is the first jailbreak article that has been approved.

Sony consoles are always hacked pretty quickly though, using a FreeBSD based OS doesn’t help. It’s usually that or third party components with CVE’s like WebKit etc.

It’s cool to see the data mining going on though.

Sgt_Slaughter111d ago

Meanwhile an entire article about Kotaku advocating for piracy on the Switch was approve pretty quickly.

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