Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Could Be 100 Hours Long

"With most retail games clocking in at somewhere around 20 hours, the prospect of 30 to 60 gameplay hours for an Xbox Live Arcade Game is surprising. But Marcus Savino, producer of the upcoming title Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, tells us that's how long the game could take to complete."

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italianbreadman3801d ago

Nice! The XBLA platform is really starting to come into its own...

ihaten4glol3801d ago

That's no surprise. The original Puzzle Quest was rather long as well. I'm a big fan of the games, so I'll probably be picking this up.

cain1413801d ago

I've played this title. I loved it...

SirLarr3801d ago

I've played Tetris for more than 100 hours, that's no big deal for a puzzle game.

cain1413801d ago

Yeah these puzzle type games never end... Addicting as crap...Must resist playing Peggle...

shoinan3801d ago

Yeah, puzzle games are as long as you want them to be, really. Still, 100 hours? There better be one heckuva pay-off at the end of it!

cain1413801d ago


He said you could finish the basics in about 20...

Viewtiful3801d ago

IMO the last thing games like this need to be is longer than they already are. To me they're already unbearable because they're impossible to finish.

dannyhinote_133801d ago

Agreed. I hate not being able to finish some of these epic games because of time constraints.

ThePimpOfSound3801d ago

Agreed. And yes, most puzzle games can be long, but I think Puzzle Quest has a bunch of extra features that extend the gameplay beyond the basics. So it's not just like logging 100 Tetris hours over your lifetime.

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