Not Everyone is Claiming IP Infringement in LittleBigPlanet

Most of you probably remember the controversy surrounding the censorship of a number of levels due to copyright violations (here if you don't). Although Media Molecule and Sony have little choice but to comply with a company's request to remove levels containing copyrighted material, it would seem that not all companies are so uptight about their IP's.

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Mr_Showtime13583d ago

As long as MM or Sony don't sell them or use them as advertising, then nobody should be bothered.

Kami3583d ago

more like free advertising

Venomish3583d ago

exactly, why would any company fight free advertising??

baum3583d ago

"Free advertising" could earn Sony a lot of money that other companies would be missing out unfairly. Imagine a Sonic fan club doing dozens of LBP levels for free; Sony would profit from selling more PS3s to those that like Sonic, and Sonic fans would love it; that's money lost for Sega. Same for all other companies.

Besides, this is LBP. Of ALL the things you can do with LBP, the best thing you can come up with is a mock up version of your favorite game? Be Original, FFS.

pixelsword3583d ago can UTIII mod The Chief and Marcus Phoenix, but LBP can't make cardboard mock-ups of them?

PotNoodle3583d ago

The UT3 mods are not hosted on their servers, the LBP levels and content are.

Pedobear3583d ago

I hope it stays up too. Best level made so far.

Dogswithguns3583d ago

Those levels people like us are created them not Sony, so things so be okay.

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