OXM UK: Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena Preview

"In the end," rumbles a deep voice full of menace, "everyone bleeds the same..."

All it takes is for Vin Diesil to growl than one line and you can remember everything that made Escape For Butcher Bay such fun to play in 2004. The brooding anti-hero. The unrelenting metallic prison. The dark, bleak tone.

Starbreeze has shown with Escape From Butcher Bay and The Darkness that it can create bleak action games like no other developer can, mixing suffocating claustrophobia in with intricate detail and strong story-telling.

Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena, the latest chapter in the Riddick saga, will carry on that tradition. There's no CGI, no floaty FPS movement, no bursts of sunshine or glimmers of hope. It's a dark, lonely trawl punctuated by Vin Diesil's anti-hero, Riddick.

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Max Power3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

why isn't this under PS3 and PC as well?