How to get 40 Trophies in 60 minutes

For many gamers, try as they might to feign indifference, there's a nagging desire that they secure at least a respectable number of Trophies. So for smarter, time-deprived gamers, GamesRadar has devised this quick-fix guide to scoring a respectable 40 Trophies in around an hour. Onwards, with dignity!

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Max Power3678d ago

for littlebigplanet... you can go online and play a level that will get you 7 trophies in 10 seconds.

The gaming GOD3678d ago

I think I even have that level hearted (saved)

The gaming GOD3678d ago

It's called "7 trophies in minutes" I think

PirateThom3678d ago

Prince of Persia will get you like 5 trophies in 5 minutes.

zo6_lover273678d ago

Linger in Shadows gets you 16 trophies in under 7 minutes

Max Power3678d ago

i was also thinking that, but i forgot to mention it.

Vip3r3678d ago

Bioshock was pretty easy to get trophies in.

MGOelite3678d ago

only the first easy ones like hack a turret and hack a safe but rest of the hard ones are a right b|tch

i chose the impossible (i think thats its name) finish the game on survivor without using vita chambers, gud luck with that

kudos to anyone with bioshock platinum or full ahievements

TIKUP3678d ago

what littlebigplanet level gets you 7 tophies in 10 secs?? whats it called and where about is it etc. etc.

ExcelKnight3678d ago

They're blatantly called "7 trophies in moments" stages.

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The story is too old to be commented.