Jack Thompson To Lead Shareholder Revolt To Oust T2's Zelnick

Jack Thompson is always up to something. Now no longer able to practice law in the state of Florida, Jack says he will buy enough Take-Two stock to become the lead shareholder and then revolt against T2's Interactive chairman Strauss Zelnick.

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TheColbertinator3581d ago

What an idiot.Take 2 stocks are worth more than Jack Thompson.

Max Power3580d ago

worth more than Jack Thompson.

IzKyD13313580d ago

Unless he has billions (yes, with a B) to spend, than I doubt lol

dannyhinote_133580d ago

Take-Two's market cap is "only" 600M. If every Take-Two shareholder wanted to sell at the current market price, that's how much 100% of Take-Two is worth today.

LONEWOLF2313580d ago

lol, hell Uwe Boll is worth more than Jack Thompson.......He should make a movie about crazy Jacks life.

The Life of a Failed Lawyer.

Bnet3433580d ago

I wish I had paid more attention in business 101 so I can be in this conversation ... *walks away*

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josh143993580d ago

if this is actually possibly which im almost sure he cant (dont know how rich he is) i will honestly find tghe bastard and shoot him myself. i know grnad theft auto 4 faild but that is besides the point.

Menech3580d ago

Failed!!? you cant even comprehend how to sell grand theft auto. do you have any idea how much of a success GTA 4 is? Money like that is what is driving the industry forward. Am sure sega would be happy with even half the sales GTA 4 got for there best game of 2009.

dannyhinote_133580d ago

He might be rich, but he's not "buy a controlling interest" in Take-Two rich.

Douche Nozzle3580d ago

Jack has once again raised the bar for all Douche Nozzels everywhere.,great man...*wipes tear from eye*

dannyhinote_133580d ago

Bill Kristol does a nice job of raising the bar himself.

EastCoastSB3580d ago

I'm in tears from this post. lolol

Bubbles for the laugh.

Relcom3580d ago

Lol you gotta step up your game up all other douche nozzles. I'm looking at you Soulja Boy

Drakol3580d ago

Jack Thompson is Soulja Boy?! *dun dun duuuun!!!*

-GametimeUK-3580d ago

if i could murder this guy and get way with it i totally would... seriously

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The story is too old to be commented.