Need for Speed: Unbound Has an Ace Up Its Sleeve

Need for Speed: Unbound has been revealed, and with Criterion Games serving as the developers, the game has a good chance of pleasing fans.

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porkChop611d ago

"Through 2012's Need for Speed: Most Wanted, it demonstrated that it knows how to take a Need for Speed game and knock it out of the park."

You're joking, right? Their take on Hot Pursuit was good, but the Most Wanted reboot wasn't good at all. It was boring, had no visual customization, and the way you collect cars really killed a big part of the NFS experience.

I like what I've seen so far of Unbound so I'll give them the benefit of doubt, but I'm not going to pretend their last NFS was good.

RaidenBlack611d ago

As far as I can remember ... NFS Most Wanted came after NFS The Run .... and The Run was so bad (with qte running on foot) ... that the simpler purely driving focused Most Wanted-2012 (with no humans in the game) was better appreciated
I didn't like the weird style of that Most Wanted either ... but was still better than The Run and Undercover.
NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 is still one of my favorite racing games.

porkChop611d ago

Yeah that could have been a factor. But I'll be honest, I played The Run years after release. The story was weird and the QTEs were terrible, but I thought the actual driving felt much better than other NFS games at the time. And I kind of liked how the races flowed through different regions and weather. Though that game had a *ton* of big issues like being limited to changing cars at certain points, performance issues, etc.

MrBaskerville611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

I think they ran out of time developing Most Wanted. Such a weird game and seem like they just slapped something together last minute after creating the world and physics.

I think Ghost were closer at getting it right, but their games also seem a bit rushed. Heat was quite good, actually. Just give them one more year to develop a game and I think they could hit it out of the park.

Blaze929611d ago

"and with Criterion Games serving as the developers, the game has a good chance of pleasing fans."

The Criterion NFS games are literally some of the worst. Where is Ghost Games at? smh

LucasRuinedChildhood611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

Nah, Hot Pursuit is easily to best NFS game since the PS2 era. It's brilliant, and at least Most Wanted (2012) was fun to play. It just shouldn't have been called Most Wanted.

I'd rather play a game that's actually fun rather than praising bad games and giving them brownie points just because they're trying (and failing) to imitate NFS Underground.

Ghost Games delivered a decade of mostly poor racing games offering little enjoyment. Their games are some of the lowest rated games in the franchise, and that's well deserved. NFS 2015 (some of the worst rubber banding I've seen in a racing game) and Payback were disasters and Heat gets a lot of praise simply because it isn't as bad as those.

Given the lack of quality arcade racing games last gen, their handling of the franchise was really disheartening.

Criterion are a much more talented studio by a mile. NFS Unbound will probably be the first new NFS game I enjoy in a decade. Jesus

LucasRuinedChildhood611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

Also, the top comment on the NFS Unbound trailer is "Remember guys, we just want a fun game to play!"

lol. People don't normally say stuff like that for a franchise that's remained fun, and didn't go downhill in quality. It speaks to the audience's frustration with Ghost Games' output for the last decade.

Profchaos611d ago (Edited 611d ago )

For me 2012s NFS most wanted was a poor imitation of the 2005 game. They lost its soul on the way to making it a next gen remake which wasn't actually required as most wanted was actually a launch title for the 360.

Imo 2012 most wanted was so sterile and boring abandoned the adt style and lost the sense of speed.

The only positive from that remake was the fact I got to take it on the go with the vita for free with the PS3 version

MrBaskerville611d ago

They really needed a vision for Most Wanted. It' such a stylistic mess, like what is going on what the insanely out of place mission introductions? They were so weird and the style was all over the place.

Ryzza5610d ago

Please just let CG make more decent Burnout games instead of making awful NFS games.

moriarty1889610d ago

Agreed. Criterion are much better just sticking to Burnout. Their NFS games just don’t feel right imo.


Konami didn't recover after ditching Kojima, but this Metal Gear revival is its best shot

With Kojima gone, a lot is riding on Konami's revival of Metal Gear.

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Jingsing1d 6h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

Not really, Konami is basically in name only and like so many other Japanese studios that have come and gone they are just going to be an IP troll and milk that cow until it is dry. Also one of the advertised features is playing the game from a different camera view while everything else remains the same will just result in making the game easier like what happened with Twin Snakes.

Cacabunga1d 2h ago (Edited 1d 2h ago )

If this turns out good and gamers support it we will get the other ones.. i really hope we get MGS original in zanzibar, Peace Walker and Portable Ops remakes after this one.. they are related with naked snake

Portable Ops was sooooooo good and underrated

gold_drake23h ago(Edited 23h ago)

Konami might not be super active in the videogame business anymore, or less, but they still make a ton of money with their collections and pachinko machines.

and their castlevania series on netflix is really successful also.

just_looken21h ago


Your dislikes shows this sites situation

Konami has been doing all of that for years now like there contra games or mgs ports

mgs survive anyone

isarai1d 6h ago

When are people going to learn that all Konami is doing with these games Is licensing them out? They are not trying to revive their game development Branch and they are not the ones developing this. It is studios that came to them and asked to use the license to make a game and they have been doing this pretty much since MGSV

jeromeface1d 3h ago

Remaking all his work reaks of desperation. The only reason they are getting away with it is everyones deep love for the series. If delta is successful (which as of right now it should be), they'll be sure to remake all of them.

Redgrave1d 2h ago

Big shoes to fill, and compared to SH2 - this is as much a 1:1 remake as you can get. You can still see the PS2 bones in the movements and how the cutscenes have the same angles. If anything, I'd have preferred the reverse.... with SH2 being closer to a 1:1 remake but prettier, and have MGS3 have a little more freedom.

Ideally, MGS3 with a MGSV skin in terms of gameplay and freedom of approach. This is more like a high budget remaster than a remake. Having recently replayed the Bluepoint remaster, this is going to be like that same experience but even prettier.

But, as with both MGS3 and SH2, nearly impossible shoes to fill if not outright so. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Such is the legacy of these GOAT titles.

Inverno1d ago

It's a one to one remake, using the same voice recordings too. Not a reimagining, no new content thus far announced, just a straight remake of a game that already exists, but now with prettier graphics. There's no revival, they proved they can't make anything related to MG after Survival. They'll just remake all the games and people will eat it up.

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