Disgaea 2 goes Portable with extras.

Nippon Ichi is (well, they should be…) done porting Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Don't get me wrong Disgaea: Hour of Darkness was a great game, but after three versions in five years they can take a break with it. Now it's time for Nippon Ichi to move on and port other games like Disgaea 2.

On March 26 Japan gets Disgaea 2 Portable. Like Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness this version has extra content. How much more? 30% more on the scenario side plus some additional characters. No news about any network play features, but Nippon Ichi still has other features that aren't described in this announcement. One of these "unannounced" features might be the magichange system from Disgaea 3. A screenshot in the press release kind of gives this away.

NIS America hasn't said anything about Disgaea 2 Portable and since their offices are closed we can't bother them about it yet. However, I would be shocked if NIS America passed on bringing this here.

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Veneno3796d ago

That traded in his psp, not because i didn't like the games, they are wonderful, it's because the battery life sucked and you can't browse the web or play online without a wireless access point. The PSP 2 needs to have a version that has a phone service through a major wireless provider, like Sprint if I'm gonna buy it. The Disgaea series is my favorite RPG and hour of darkness was the reason i bought a psp. Too bad i will be missing the all new PRINNY game as well. Oh well, i still have disgaea 3 for ps3!

devilhunterx3796d ago

YES!! this is why I held off from buying D2 on the PS2.

Radiodread3796d ago

jrpgs are the [email protected] forms of games, EVER! Real time combat is where its at, anything other than that you're living in an anime world.

bakagaijin783795d ago

I've been waiting for this, I love being able to take the original Disgaea with me in my PSP. I would totally buy D2 again to be able to play it on the go, and 30% bonus material just makes it that much sweeter.