Xbox 360 Getting A Fantasy Action RPG powered by Gamebryo reports "The Xbox 360 may soon become RPG haven with another action RPG descending upon the console. A newly launched studio titled "Xavaint" had posted these bunch of job openings on Gamasutra, detailing an action adventure RPG game specifically for the Xbox 360."

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morganfell3672d ago

Gamebryo. The project created with 60 million dollars of DARPA funding and they can't get the damn thing off the ground. Real World is a joke and run by a moron that single handedly gave EA one of their biggest losses ever.

morganfell3672d ago

If you think that is bad, proponents of Real World were attacking foreign products like VBS2. They stated the concerns were millions of lines of code that could contain something questionable.

It is funny when you consider the only part of Real World currently working is the A10 sim....which was made in Russia by EagleDynamics - the guys behind the recently released Black Shark.

jack who3672d ago

they got all this game out the ground.

The Apprentice Knight

Axis & Allies

Azentas World

Beach King Stunt Racer

Ben Hur

Black Shot

Body Check

Bully Scholarship Edition

Chiquititas: A Magical Journey


Crash Racing

Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs Expansion Pack

Dark Age of Camelot: Darkness Rising Expansion Pack

Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles Expansion Pack

Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis Expansion Pack

Divinity 2

Dungeon Runners

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal Expansion Pack

The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon Expansion Pack

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine Expansion Pack

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Expansion Pack

Empire Earth II

Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy Expansion Pack

Empire Earth III


Extreme Soccer

Freedom Force

Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich




Gothic III

Groove Rider

The Guild 2: Pirates of the European Seas

Horse Racing Manager 2

Hospital Tycoon

IHRA Drag Racing

IHRA Drag Racing 2: Nothin' but Attitude


Independence Day Online


Knight Rider

Knight's Apprentice, Memorick's Adventures

Kohan II: Kings of War

The Kore Gang


Loki: Heroes of Mythology

London Racer

Looney Toons: Acme Arsenal

Making History: The Calm & The Storm


Modern Forces

Monster Federation

Ms. Pacman Maze Madness 2



NRA Gun Club

Open Kart

OZ Chronicle

Perfect Ko

Playboy: The Mansion

Prison Tycoon

Pro Cycling Manager Season 2006

Project Entropia

Pucca Racing

Reality EDITOR

Requiem Bloodymare


The Riding Club Championships

Riding Star


Sid Meier's Civilization IV

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword Expansion Pack

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Warlords Expansion Pack

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

Sid Meier's Pirates!


Simon the Sorcerer 3D


Ski Racing 2005


Smash Star

Sovereign Symphony

Space Chimps


Speed Racer

Stacked with Daniel Negreanu

Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Syberia II

Tactica Online

Tennis Masters Series


Traitors Gate 2: Cypher

USA Racer

Virtual Pinball

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

War and Peace


Wild Wild West

Wildlife Park 2


Wizard 101



Zero Cup Soccer

Zoo Tycoon 2

ZackFair3672d ago

I can already smell the 2.5/10 reviews, lol.

gaffyh3672d ago

OMG what a retarded website. The dev is looking for people to work on the game, which means it's atleast 2 years away cos it's a dev we've never even heard of. Most likely it will be canned later on...stupid fanboy website.

Darkiewonder3672d ago

Gamebryo is a game engine. It's not like it's never been used before.

Elder scroll IV uses it.

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CloudsEnd3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Gamebryo? Wth.. well better than Gamefoetus.

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