Motorstorm Multiplayer Gameplay

Multiplayer gameplay of Motorstorm in HD.

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DJ4889d ago (Edited 4889d ago )

The graphics have been cleaned up a lot since the last time I saw it (and makes the kiosk demo look unholy). Nice video, but I want to see all 12 players in a race at once, not 5. Either way, the game's extremely addictive and I absolutely can't wait to piss off my fellow players online. =]

ApocalypseShadow4889d ago

watch out for my motorcycle.if you happen to take me out,i'll just whip out my diesel truck and run you and jin over for the (all in fun) win.

Ggame4889d ago

I played it on Japanese version.
When I see it on US version. It's look like the better than japanese.

MaximusPrime4889d ago

apparantly i heard that UK version will be even better, thanks to EU delayed PS3 release.

FirstknighT4889d ago

If this game has only 8 tracks than it's definitely in danger of getting boring really quick. I really want to like this game, since I was a huge fan of Super Off Road back in the days. But 8 tracks is not going to cut it.

So if this is the final version than it's pretty safe to say that it's not even close to the e3 demo. Dont get me wrong, it looks good. But not like that crazy e3 demo.

The physics dont look to be very accurate also. More on the arcade side which is okay but I thought this game was supposed to have accurate physics.

But more importantly the game looks like alot of fun. I'm sure my buddy will buy it on day one for his ps3. Hopefully he'll stop wanting to come to my house and play Gears of War! ;)

kornbeaner4889d ago

fantanstic but it looks like the sense of speed is lost a little when playing online or it could very well be the trucks, anyways who cares when it comes out am buying it and playing it online for free.


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